Flashback Friday: The Time Kyle Got Glasses

I had suspicions for a while that Kyle needed glasses. We constantly had to tell him to scoot back from the television whenever he watched movies, he squinted often when we read...a lot of the tell-tale signs were there. At his 6-year well visit with our pediatrician he had a hard time reading the appropriate line for his age on the vision chart. I wasn't sure if he was just being lazy about it (which he can be sometimes) or if he genuinely couldn't see it. My suspicions were confirmed when we got a letter from the school nurse in February: Kyle couldn't read the appropriate line on the vision chart and we needed to schedule a follow-up with an optometrist.

My little mommy heart broke when I read the letter. I mean, I was pretty sure at least one (if not all) of my kids would probably end up with glasses at some point in their lives (genetics, although cruel, are almost always inevitable), but it was just so early. He was only in Kindergarten! I got glasses in first grade, and I remember being teased about them. Kids can be so mean, and I didn't want his already fragile self-esteem to get shot to pieces. Fortunately, he seemed excited about the prospect, especially when Cole said he probably needed to get glasses as well. So, off they went to the optometrist.

Cole said Kyle did a really good job during the eye exam, and they had a good time testing out different sets of frames.

He clearly did not want to be a hipster.
This is the first set he tried on that he liked.
Kyle was a little disappointed because he didn't get to take his new glasses home with him that day. He asked me every day if his glasses were ready yet and, finally, after about a week, we got to pick them up.

Two of my handsome dudes in their new glasses
He looks so grown up every time he wears them! His prescription is a little stronger than I expected for his first pair of glasses, which means he probably inherited my eyes (poor kid!). He really should wear them all the time, but he's a 7-year-old boy and I don't want to replace glasses every month. So, we settle for wearing them at school and when he reads or does homework at home. I'm just glad it isn't a fight to get him to wear them.

Now, getting Cole to wear his is another story...


Where We've Been Wednesday

So, I figured my first Wednesday post could be a general catch-up on everyone in the family. You know, just the background info on what everyone's been up to so I can leave the fleshing out for Friday posts.

~Perhaps the biggest update is that we recently moved! We found a perfect house in a...city further west from where we were...in a relatively new development. We loved our time in our first home and we miss many of the neighbors and ward members, but we know this is where we are supposed to be right now. The house is approximately twice as big as our last home, and we're really enjoying the space. We're on a super quiet street tucked back inside a quiet neighborhood, which is a nice contrast to our last house that was just off a really busy intersection.

view from the front
Moving day! Don't let Lucas fool you--we were all pretty excited!
The view from our front porch. Yes, that's a park directly across the street.
~In March we took a family vacation to visit my parents, who were living in Eugene, OR at the time. We drove up the Oregon coast, saw lighthouses and Devil's Churn, and stayed a few nights in a beautiful beach house; we visited The Aquarium of the Pacific, the Portland Zoo, OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry), Tillamook Cheese Factory and the Tillamook Air Museum; we went whale watching and saw tons of sea lions; and generally just had a really awesome time! It wasn't even that stressful to fly with 4 kids. :) Hallie DID have a massive blowout while we were sitting in the airport and the nearest bathroom was at least a 10 minute walk away from our gate, so that was fun. This will definitely be fleshed out on Flashback Fridays.
~We enjoyed the outdoors by taking hikes and playing on our new swing set in the backyard.
~We said good bye to my grandmother, who passed away unexpectedly in July just shy of her 75th birthday. It was the first funeral for our kids and the first one that I really remember. It was an extremely hard, sad week, but it was also a very spiritual, bonding experience for my family.
~We helped my parents move back from Oregon! They live a little further north than they used to, but it's way better than them living in a different state! It just means we get to take mini road trips every now and then. We've had a ton of fun getting to know another new city in our beautiful state and getting to spend way more time with Grandma and Papa!
~We wore matching pajamas for Christmas Eve.

Yes, those are one-piece pajamas.
~We said good bye to our cat, Felix, who had a really unfortunate incident with antifreeze. Before we realized what was happening, he was too far gone. It was really traumatic, especially for Kyle, but it turned into (another) good lesson on the Plan of Salvation for our kids. We adopted a new cat, named Frankie, to fill the void and he has fit in from day one.
~We thoroughly enjoyed our zoo membership and recently bought a membership to the aquarium.
~We had tons of dance parties and wrestling matches...Hallie included.

~Started working at The Yarrow Hotel and Conference Center in Park City as the revenue manager.
~Helped oversee a huge remodel and change in operations of the hotel. He NOW is the operations manager at the Doubletree by Hilton Park City - The Yarrow.
~Almost singlehandedly built the new swing set/play house in the backyard.
~Got new glasses and sometimes even wears them.
~Got pneumonia in August.
~Served as a gospel doctrine teacher in our old ward (and was, in my unbiased opinion, the best one)
~Became mildly obsessed with Minecraft and had almost weekly game nights with his brothers.

~Finished nursing Hallie in January, which marks the first time since October 2009 that I haven't been pregnant or nursing. It's nice in some ways, but it's also a little sad.
~Crafted and repurposed old things into decorations for our house, and started thrifting (DI is my new best friend). Also got a sparkly Silhouette to help with the craftiness (Thanks, Cole!)
~Volunteered twice a month in Lucas' preschool class
~Developed a serious obsession of scarves, especially infinity scarves
~Served as the ward choir director and the Primary chorister (my new favorite calling!) in our old ward
~Read voraciously
~Became a little obsessed with Pick Your Plum. Check it out. It'll change your life.

~Got his very first pair of glasses

~Had more play dates with his little girlfriend, Avry
~Finished Kindergarten strong and started the first grade
~Learned to read and tie his shoes
~Can now make pretty spectacular fart noises with his armpit and the back of his knee (I'm so proud)
~Lost a total of 4 teeth, and has another pretty loose one
~Got to go on a fun field trip to the zoo with his new class

~Started preschool and loves every minute of it! He gets to ride the bus ALL BY HIMSELF

~Began speech therapy in November to address a relatively minor delay. Almost 6 months later, it's almost completely corrected
~Loves going to Primary with Kyle
~Loves singing just about everything...his current favorite song is Follow the Prophet (he knows almost all of the verses)
~Has not had any serious injuries *knock on wood* since the toothpick-through-the-foot incident (thank goodness!
~Has a tender heart and is the best snuggler
~Is a great, loving big brother, especially to Hallie

~Was finally circumcised in February 2014 (it's a long story...). He was the cutest little patient and all the nurses loved him
~Gave up his fa-fa (pacifier)
~Started talking a mile a minute, just like his brothers
~Has the BIGGEST sweet tooth and tries to snitch treats when I'm not looking
~Learned how to go potty like a champ just after we moved
~Loves to carry a baby doll around--he makes the cutest little daddy!
~Is pretty much the coolest kid

~Learned how to sit up, crawl, and walk (at 9 months old!)
~Cut 12 teeth
~Loves to torment the cat (he tolerates her really well)
~Only says a few words, but makes the "sss" incessantly. We joke that she speaks Parseltongue fluently
~Loves to give kisses to pretty much anything

even Bumblebee...
~Loves shoes, dresses, getting her fingernails painted, and taking care of her babies, but she also loves cars and makes a great car noise
~Is the LOUDEST of our kids. Seriously. She's loud.

So, that's the last year in a nutshell.


Hello, My Friend, Hello

So, I had a real stupor of thought regarding the blog the last...year...or so. I wasn't sure how much time I wanted or was able to dedicate to maintaining it, and I wasn't really sure how many people would even notice if I just sort of faded away. Plus, it doesn't really seem like blogging is the vogue thing to do anymore unless you have a niche (ie style, food, decor, etc.) and I don't really have one.

Then, I thought about how annoyed I felt when bloggers I followed (or, in some cases, ahem, stalked) stopped posting updates about their families and lives and I wondered if anyone felt the same about me (HAHAHAHA lez be honest...). Maybe there were people out there who were actually interested in my little corner of the world and missed seeing pictures of my adorable children (because, I mean, who wouldn't?)

Finally, I realized that in some ways, blogging could 1. be a much-needed outlet for me; and 2. be a great way to keep track of the things my kids say and do. They're so freaking hilarious all the time, and it's so easy to forget all their little quirks if I don't write them down.

So, even if no one else really cares, I'm blogging again. For me.

I heard it said once (by my husband, probably, since he's my only fan) that my Friday Letters posts were entertaining. I DID enjoy the stream-of-consciousness feel of those posts, so I'm going to move them to Mondays and call them "Monday Memos," because I'm cutesy like that.

Since I have a year's worth of happenings that went unblogged and catching up is always so tedious, I'm going to do Flashback Friday every week to fill y'all in on the highs and lows.

And, since blogging MWF is such a nice, organized structure, Wednesdays will be dedicated to the current happenings in the Christensen household. That will give me plenty of flexibility too..."What I Wore", "What I Made", "Where We Went", "Who's in Trouble"...you get the idea.

So, there's the plan. For anyone that cares. Even if it's just me.

And since blogs are crazy boring without pictures, I'll oblige you with some beauties of the kids from Easter. You're welcome.

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