What I Made Monday: The Month of Love

I've been on a crafting binge lately, and since I got my fill of January decorations I moved on to February. I'm starting to think I should just have Cole always budget a percentage of his income for The Wood Connection because I'm there so often...

The center of the "O"s are grey and sparkly
I sort of fell in love with the little wood signs I made in January, and The Wood Connection had paper with the cutest Valentine's Day patterns. 

I couldn't choose only three of them to use, so I made the blocks double-sided. :)

I even bought a door hanger from my front door...and then I realized I already had one from last year. Oops! Guess I should take inventory of what crafts I have before I buy more. So, I'll probably end up making it as a gift for my sister's newly purchased front door (attached to the rest of her newly purchased home where she lives with her newly acquired husband).

1 comment:

Andy said...

I made some of these as well;sure love wood connection. Yes it is an addiction! So cute!

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