What I Made Monday: Hallie's Room

Hallie's room is still a bit of a work in progress. We've got the essentials down, but I'm still adding finishing touches and decorations to the walls and such. I figure she's not really going to know the difference anyway, so it doesn't hurt to take a little bit of time.
I wanted to get the letters for Hallie's name for her wall but everything I found didn't seem right. So, I decided to go with a swirly capital H instead. The ladies at The Wood Connection were kind enough to search their backstock for damask-printed paper that I remember them having last MARCH that matches Hallie's bedding. It was a pretty quick project--a few coats of pink paint, Mod Podge the paper on, finishing spray and embellishing.
After I got it all finished, I realized I had the letter backwards (the swirls were supposed to go the opposite directions). Oh well. It still looks cute, right?

I inherited a wooden shelf from my parents' house when we cleaned it up in the spring. I found out it was actually made by my grandfather, so it's a bit of an heirloom. I painted it black to match the bedding.

It was the perfect place to put her cute ABC name block (courtesy of one of my insanely talented friends). The tall jar in the middle of the shelf came from someone at Cole's work. When he got it it was full of Swedish fish, but after they were all gone it made the perfect container for all of Hallie's elastic headbands. The hooks were a perfect place to hang one of the tutus I made and a pair of ballet slippers Hallie inherited from one of her cousins.

I bought this bow hanger from a boutique, but I quickly realized it didn't have enough space for all of the bows we got for Hallie (my aunt was EXTREMELY generous). I glued a few more pieces of ribbon on to increase storage space, but, as you can see, it still wasn't enough.
I'm planning on getting a few newborn pictures framed for the walls and buy the wall hanging that matches her bedding. We still have to sand down and re-paint the old sewing table that we had in Matthew's nursery (it's currently green) and do a few other things, but as soon as we get it all done I'll take pictures of the finished product.


Young Love and Playing Dress Up

For a few months now Kyle has been talking about his new "girlfriend" Avry. Her mom approached me during pickup one afternoon and told me Avry wanted to have a playdate with Kyle. This was a bit of a relief, because I don't want him to be that weird kid at school that has unrequited crushes on all the girls. It was nice to know that the other kids like him too. :)
I picked the kids up after Kindergarten last Wednesday and brought them back to the house. I'm always super concerned about making sure they have fun activities to do, which is kind of funny because this time, all they wanted to do was watch Daniel Tiger in the playroom.
And snuggle, obviously...
I had to be sneaky when taking this picture--
Kyle would have been SO embarrassed if he knew.
I did make sugar cookies so they could bust out the huge box of cookie cutters the boys got for Christmas from their aunt and uncle (thanks, Chris and Brittany!). They had a blast choosing different cookie cutters and snitching dough when they thought I wasn't paying attention. After the cookies were baked and frosted I let them have free reign over the sprinkles, which in hindsight probably wasn't the best choice--I had to do some serious sweeping of the kitchen floor afterward. It was worth it though, because they had a great time.
As much as I hate to admit it, Hallie is growing up. She's 3 months old today (!!!!!) and quickly growing out of her clothes. Last week I brought out the 3-6 month outfits to wash and fold. This prompted a lot of squealing when I remembered all of the adorable outfits we got at my baby shower. So of COURSE we had to play a little bit of dress up.
She wasn't as excited as I was to play dress up, hence the pacifier in the pictures. She was a pretty good sport, though. I'm so excited for her to wear all of these cute things! There are a lot of cute dresses and short-sleeved outfits, so I hope it gets warm soon...or I'll just have to invest in more tights/baby legs and sweaters.
I spend a lot of time nursing Hallie, which means I spend a lot of time broswing the internets on my phone. I'm sure I'm late to the Jim Gaffigan bandwagon, but this dude is hilarious. As a McDonald's French fry lover, this video spoke directly to my...stomach.


Aaaaand...now I need some fries.


What I Made Monday: The Month of Love

I've been on a crafting binge lately, and since I got my fill of January decorations I moved on to February. I'm starting to think I should just have Cole always budget a percentage of his income for The Wood Connection because I'm there so often...

The center of the "O"s are grey and sparkly
I sort of fell in love with the little wood signs I made in January, and The Wood Connection had paper with the cutest Valentine's Day patterns. 

I couldn't choose only three of them to use, so I made the blocks double-sided. :)

I even bought a door hanger from my front door...and then I realized I already had one from last year. Oops! Guess I should take inventory of what crafts I have before I buy more. So, I'll probably end up making it as a gift for my sister's newly purchased front door (attached to the rest of her newly purchased home where she lives with her newly acquired husband).
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