What I Made Monday: Christmas Gifts

I stress way too much about giving gifts. I have a hard time thinking of things to give because I want it to be PERFECT, so I fuss and worry and, quite often, end up doing something painfully generic like a gift card because I don't want to disappoint them and hey, who's ever disappointed by free money?

This year I needed to come up with gifts for all of my siblings, my parents, and my sister-in-law A. That's 7 gifts that I wanted to be personal and meaningful. Plus, I didn't really have a TON of money to spend so they also needed to be cost-effective...so my brain was seconds away from exploding.

Thank goodness for Pinterest (I never thought I'd actually say that), because I found an idea that was personal, meaningful, AND would work for all 7 gifts! Plus, it was relatively simple to adapt for my own purposes.

personalized slat sign with initials and wedding date

I started with slat signs from The Wood Connection. I borrowed my sister-in-law's Cricut to cut out the vinyl, which I used as stencils.

The process was time-consuming and a bit difficult to visualize (because I layered the letters on top of the "&" symbol) but once I figured it out I just did them all "assembly line" style.

First, you paint the sign the color you want the top most figures--in my case, the initials. Then, you apply the vinyl. Paint the wood (and the already applied vinyl) the color you want the next layer of figures--the & symbol. Apply that vinyl, then paint the entire sign the color you want the "background" to be. Remember, of course, to let each layer of paint dry completely before beginning the next step. When everything is dry, carefully peel off the vinyl and...ta da! I sanded the edges and between the slats to give each sign a more rustic feel and added the twine for decoration.

I honestly feel like it's my greatest crafting achievement to date, and I'm incredibly proud of how they turned out. I'm especially glad that it was for someone else. Crafting is so satisfying for me, but it's especially gratifying when I can give the item to someone else.

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FerneClan said...

Very cute! I would love for you to show me how you did this! We so need to play/craft together!

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