Parking Lot and Pink Bumbo

My friend Danielle has started blogging every day--not because super awesome spectacular things happen to her family all the time, but because it's turned into a way for her to document the day-to-day things that happen with her three boys. I think it's an awesome idea, because even though lots of things happen every day that don't seem "blog-worthy" there are things my kids do that I want to remember, and what better way to do that then document them on the blog? I don't think I'm QUITE up to the task of blogging every day, but I can probably handle Monday/Wednesday/Friday (and I've already gotten into a good habit of that). So that's my blogging goal for the year.

Part of the blessing of being a mom to boys is finding vehicles parked everywhere around the house.

Even though they have an entire room for their toys, the boys always end up in the living room. I figure I can have a nice, formal living room when my kids move out...until they start having grandkids. :)
Kyle was out of school for two days last week in addition to being home for Martin Luther King Day. He woke up on Wednesday morning with a fever and complaining that his throat hurt. I took a quick look at his throat and when I noticed it was swollen I called the pediatrician. I admit I was a bit of a spectacle hauling all four children first to the pediatrician's office (where we found out he had tonsillar pharyngitis--his tonsils were so swollen they were literally touching!) then to Smith's pharmacy to pick up his antibiotic (where I realized I forgot to remind the doctor that Kyle has had a skin reaction in the past to penicillin...the pharmacy had to call the office to get a script for a non-penicillin antibiotic and I felt like a total dum-dum), all the while hobbling with my broken toe...at least I was able to put shoes on, I guess. Kyle asked me several times, "I'm tired of being sick. When am I going to get better?" It's so heartbreaking to see my kids sick, because they're usually so easy-going and happy and I hate to see them so miserable. Fortunately, the antibiotic started working quickly and Kyle said his throat didn't hurt the next morning.
A week or so ago I busted out our pink Bumbo for Hallie. She's about at the point where she can sit in it for a few minutes before she flops over so I've been putting her in it a couple of times a day to help her with her neck strength. Matthew enjoys pushing it around and I'll find him sitting in it from time to time. I guess his brothers haven't indoctrinated him with the "pink is for girls" propaganda yet. 

Also, notice the hairbrush sitting next to him? He also likes to steal my hairbrushes and brush anything and everything: his hair, the walls, the beds...fortunately, I haven't seen him try to brush the toilet or the garbage can, but I wouldn't be surprised if he tries in the near future.

We're in the midst of planning for our 5th annual Super Bowl party! Every year we invite my siblings and their spouses/families over for the Super Bowl. Not everyone is as gung-ho about the game as Cole and I are, but it's fun to get together and watch the commercials. If anyone has any killer appetizer recipes pass them along! I have a bunch that are old favorites, but I'm always up for trying something new.

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Danielle said...

Wow-I feel so special making it onto your blog! :)

Obviously I love this-you won't ever regret it! It was a lot harder at first to do and now it's just habit. The parking garage around the house-so funny! I feel like our boys would be great friends if they ever met since it seems like they love a lot of the same things. And the superbowl party with siblings-how fun is that??? I'm not really a big football fan, but I always record it for the commercials and try and make some fun food for us to eat while we watch it. Hope you guys have fun!

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