Hallie's Blessing

We blessed Hallie on Sunday, December 29. We departed from the tradition of doing it on Fast Sunday because my parents were leaving that afternoon to fly back to Oregon and it was really important to me to have them there.

My mom made Hallie's beautiful blessing dress. It was absolutely perfect, and I'm so glad I have such an incredibly talented mother. It will truly be something I'll treasure forever. Hallie looked like a little angel, and she behaved like one too.

her dress in all its glory

I love that we have priesthood holders bless our infants in our church. It's such a powerful sight to see big, strong men take a tiny infant in their arms and perform the first of many priesthood ordinances that child will experience in his/her life. I'm so grateful Cole is a faithful priesthood holder and has been able to bless our children. He gave her a simple, lovely blessing and the spirit was very strong.
I'm so grateful for this tiny little angel girl. She's still so tiny but I can feel how huge her spirit is, and we're so blessed to have her in our home.

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FerneClan said...

You should frame her little dress with a picture of her blessing; then one when she is 8 and one when she gets married. such a special reminder.

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