Broken Toe, Broken Dreams

Okay, the title may be a little on the melodramatic side, but sometimes it feels that way.

Let me back up...

So, on Monday I'm 99% sure I broke my left pinky toe.

I was straightening up the basement that morning and, as it always seems to do, my pinky toe got caught on the edge of the couch. I heard a crack and felt pain. However, I'm proud to report that no curse word escaped my lips...probably because it hurt too much for me to think about swearing (incidentally, I've never sworn when I'm in labor either...which leads me to believe that swearing is a conscious choice for me and not an instinct, so I obviously need to make better choices sometimes...:s). I held out the tiniest bit of hope that I would bounce back; after all, I'm no stranger to stubbing my pinky toes (perhaps it's the way my feet are shaped? I have feet like my mom's, and she is also notorious for stubbing/breaking pinky toes) and so far, I've escaped without a break. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case this time.

You see, after I got over the shock of the pain, I realized that my toe was numb. I wasn't getting any sensory information other than pain from it. It was a super weird feeling. Plus, I couldn't move it...like, at all. So, I called my mom--not only because she's my mom and she's awesome, but also because she has some particular experience with broken toes. She asked me, "Is is kinked off at a weird angle?" The answer, thank goodness, was no. Her response? "Then it probably doesn't need to be set. The only thing a doctor will do is tape it to the other toes." I decided to save the copay and tape them myself.

I also decided to paint my toenails, because if my toe was going to be ugly and taped up, at least my toenails were going to look good!
I quickly realized how much I've taken my toes for granted when it comes to walking like a normal person. I'm still hobbling around a bit, and I have to take the stairs using both feet like I'm a super old woman or a barely walking toddler. Cole started calling me "Hopalong." Oh, and wearing shoes of pretty much any kind is unbearable. If it were summer I could live in flip-flops, but...it's January in Utah. 

My whole FOOT is swollen! Plus, note the bruising on the
 inside of the toe. It looks even more gnarly now.
Perhaps the saddest part of the whole thing (hence the "broken dreams") is I haven't been able to exercise at all this week. I know, right? Weird that I'm actually missing exercise. Pretty much any movement causes me to tweak my toe and yell in pain, so I figure I should probably let it heal. It's just making me absolutely crazy.

So folks, the take-away from all of this is: don't take your toes for granted. Oh, and always wear shoes when you're cleaning.

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