What (We) Made Monday: Hallie Jo Christensen

November 5, 2013
4:57 PM
7 lb. 15.3 oz
19.5 in
Our tiny peanut of a princess is here! So far, the consensus is that she most resembles Lucas, but I see a lot of Kyle in her as well. She definitely looks like she fits in with our family, though!
I'm still working on her birth story, so I'll get that posted as soon as it's finished. I'm already starting to forget some of the details, so I really want to get it down asap. I also need to make sure that Cole has an opportunity to get his edits in--I think his perspective adds a special element that my side alone can't provide.
We are absolutely in love. The boys have all been so great with her! I think the biggest surprise is Matthew. I expected him to be ambivalent at best and extremely jealous at worst, but he has been so sweet with Hallie. He loves to hold her whenever he gets a chance, and he looks at her so tenderly. 

4 kids!


Danielle said...

sooo sweet!

Amy said...

I love her! What a beautiful little girl you made. I totally love the middle name ;) Also you are sooooooo brave. I want a fourth so much but I am scared out my mind about it!

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