What I Made Monday: Tutus

Ever since I found out we were having a girl, I've been dreaming and scheming about what I want her newborn pictures to look like (priorities, right?). I fell in love with pictures that had little girl babies almost overwhelmed by fluffy tulle tutus. I looked at a few boutiques but never really found exactly what I wanted. Then, I remembered a few tutorials for making tutus I'd seen on this blog I follow and thought, "I could totally do that!"

After a quick trip to Hobby Lobby and some repurposing of a few items I already had lying around, I got pretty much exactly what I wanted.

For this first tutu, I used a stretchy crocheted hat that I already had for the upper part. I just snipped the thread that held the top gathered together and it opened up nicely for me to use. I also already had the purple ribbon that I used for the neck tie.
For the tutu part, I used one 25-yard roll (yes, the entire thing!) of lavender tulle from Hobby Lobby. I wanted to make the tutu part 10 inches long, so I cut 20-inch pieces of tulle and folded them in half. I tied the tulle to one side of the crocheted piece using that simple knot that probably has a name, but I don't know what it is. You know, the one where you wrap your folded-in-half string, thread, yarn, tulle, etc. around another object, then thread it through the loop formed at the other end? Anyway, I'm sure everyone in the world knows how to make this knot, and if you think about it, it's exactly the one you'd think of using for a project like this. I continued around the crocheted piece until the tulle went all the way around. Pretty simple, right? I tied the ribbon on the other side of the crocheted piece using the same knot to form the neck tie, and voila! All finished. I have a pink headband and a pair of pink lace-up ballet flats to accessorize this tutu.
The second tutu was a little bit trickier. I didn't want to use elastic for the waistband (because it required .05 seconds of sewing, and I don't even sew THAT much), so I bought some cream-colored satin ribbon to use instead. I cut my ivory tulle in 20-inch pieces, folded it in half, and tied it to the ribbon using the same easy knot as above. I used an entire 25-yard roll of tulle for this tutu as well. I had a bit of coral/pinkish satin ribbon left over from a gift I received that I loved, and it paired nicely with the ivory tulle. I folded it in half width-wise and hot-glued it over the top of the knots to create the waist and give it a more finished look. The cream and coral satin ribbon make a really pretty bow when tied at the back.

I have a coral flower on a cream headband and a string of tiny ivory pearls to accessorize this tutu.

I'm really happy with how they turned out! They're super fluffy and overwhelming, so they'll be perfect for newborn pictures.

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Andy Fernelius said...

Nice job! Toile and I are not the best of friends. I know it sounds rather strange, but honestly after the last so called tutu skirt I attempted to make we decided it is best to part ways then to continue on with me wanting to hack whatever I was making to death. But I am impress with what you made...... Maybe you can teach me; or maybe I can just be happy for you.

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