Pregnancy Update: Full Term!


The only reason I have clothes on is because I had a doctor's appointment.
Usually I live in cookie pants.
So, I'm officially considered "full term" with this pregnancy: 37 weeks. Of course, my kids generally have a different idea of what full term means, so I'm not expecting anything to happen anytime soon. I scheduled an induction for November 5, so there is officially an end in sight! I just can't believe in less than two weeks I'll be the mother of FOUR. I'm only freaking out just a tiny bit.
I have to say, my brain has done a really good job forgetting that I have to do some actual work to get this baby here. It's interesting, especially when you consider that it wasn't even 2 years ago that I gave birth to Matthew--you'd think I'd remember the whole process better. Maybe "forgetting" isn't exactly the right word. It's more like my mind won't settle long enough on the idea of labor and delivery for me to actually have any complete thoughts about it. It's easily distracted to other, more pleasant topics. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. It means that I haven't really done much thinking about a "birth plan." I'm pretty confident that I can do it without an epidural again since I've been successful the last two times. But, I'm not opposed to having one if I feel the need. I've been checking books out of the library about different ways to help manage pain during labor. I've never really used any specific method, mostly because I never really think about it until it's too late to take a class, but also because my pain during labor is totally manageable up until the 30-45 minutes that I'm in transition, and by then I'm almost done. I have realized that HypnoBirthing as a whole is definitely too "out there" for me. I'm sure it's very helpful for people, but it just seems too drug-trippy for me. I did like many of the relaxation suggestions though, and I'll probably try to incorporate some of them into my labor if I remember.
I've already had a handful of people at church tell me (meaning well, I'm sure) that there's "no way" I'm going to make it to my due date--that I'll go into labor sooner. I think this is something else that should go on the ever-expanding list of "what not to say to a pregnant woman because she is hormonal and mostly crazy and will probably fly off the handle if she hears it." First of all, does it mean that I'm huge? No one wants to hear that, even if it's true. Second of all, my experiences (which, to be fair, they know little to nothing about) have proven otherwise. The only reason I haven't gotten to my due date with my last two pregnancies is elective induction. Otherwise, I'm fairly confident my babies would stay camped out in my uterus until the age of 3. I wouldn't want to get my hopes up for an early delivery just to have those hopes shattered when things go exactly as they always have. 
Anyway, if you asked me two weeks ago I would have told you that this last trimester has totally DRAGGED on forever. Now that I'm 13 days (!) away from having a baby, I realize just how wrong I was.


Rachelle Switzer said...

Congrats on number 4! I remember getting lots of those "you're not gonna' make it to that due date" comments. That made me so mad! The one time all people think it's okay to call you a ginormous freak show, even women who should know better. Good luck going without meds. I am the same way. I used some hypno-birthing techniques but the book was too crunchy/"this is the only right way" for me to do it entirely. Last time I was drugged up for a c-section that I ended up not needing. Definitely going drug-free next time. Transition is excruciating but over in an hour and you are not left with all the horrible side effects. Countdown is on!

Amy said...

I need to know what cookie pants are.

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