What I Made Monday: Summer "Trees" Make Me Feel Fine...

Summertime is another season where I seem to have a dearth of crafts for display (with the exception of July). After I took down my 4th of July decorations my living room looked pretty sad. I racked my brain trying to think of something I could do to brighten up the space.
The Wood Connection didn't really have any more "summer" projects that I was completely in love with, but they did have this trio of trees for the fall that I thought I could easily adapt for the summer. After all, green, leafy trees are staple of summertime!
I was a little worried that they would turn out too monochromatic for my liking, but because I used different shades of brown and green and different detail accents on each of them they turned out quite nice. 

I even finished them in enough time to display them for about three weeks before I got antsy to put up my fall decorations (fall is, hands down, my favorite season).

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