What I Made Monday: Bathroom Decor

Our guest bathroom is basically a tiny hole in the wall. Even though it's a tiny space, I've had the hardest time figuring out how to make it cute and homey. We painted it a couple of years ago and added a cute border, and I found a few pictures that I liked for the walls, but the space above the toilet has been glaringly empty (probably only to me) for a while now.
When we helped clean out my parents' house before they sold it, I appropriated a little shelf that I thought would work for the space, but it sat in a pile of stuff in the crawlspace for two months before I managed to flesh out an idea.
The bathroom decor always gave me a country cottage vibe, so I tried to stick with that idea.
I had the materials to make little decorative jars from baby food jars, so I started there.
It took:
3 baby food jars of different sizes
3 wooden nickels from The Wood Connection
3 unfinished candlesticks from The Wood Connection
craft paint
wood glue
I painted the wooden nickels, the candlesticks, and the jar lids (if I wasn't going for a rustic look I would have spray painted the lids--they don't hold the craft paint really well so it takes a lot of work to get good coverage). After the paint dried I sanded spots of the candlesticks to give it a worn, rustic look. I used wood glue to adhere the wooden nickels to the top of the candlesticks, then to the bottom of the baby food jars. After everything dried, I filled the baby food jars with items that matched the bathroom color scheme--clear decorative stones, green buttons, and blue felt flowers. I tied a bit of twine around each lid, and called it good.

I also found in my storage a little ceramic picture frame I've had for probably 15 years. I've never really used it for anything because the picture opening is a heart, and it was hard to find a picture that would fit and look good, but I knew it could serve my purposes on my shelf quite nicely. I found a cutesy, short phrase that I liked and would fit in the space. I wanted a cross-stitch type font, and found a free one called Ahoy in Stitches that was perfect. After a little word processing and some extra scrapbook paper, the result was just what I wanted.

font found here
After some playing around on the internet, I found I really liked the idea of using a glass canning jar for some portion of the decorations. I thought using an old jar as a vase for some silk flowers would be the perfect completion to my bathroom shelf. I've got a million canning jars kicking around, so all I had to do was find one the right size, wrap some twine around it, and fill it with silk flowers. $6 at Wal-Mart bought me more than enough flowers in the right colors.

I'm super happy with the finished result.

Now, after 3 1/2 years, I finally have the tiniest room in my house decorated to my liking. :)

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