Kyle's First Day of School

Kyle has been extremely excited to go to school ever since he finished up preschool in June. He spent all summer talking about Kindergarten to anyone who would listen; I overheard him tell Lucas one day that Kindergarten was "just like a garden, except full of kids." 
We got back-to-school ads in the mail starting at the end of July, which prompted even more questions and speculations from Kyle about Kindergarten: Who would his teacher be? What school supplies would he need? It frustrated him to no end that I didn't have the answers. Fortunately, we received a letter from his teacher early in August. As part of her classroom decorations, she asked each of her students to fill out a "flag" with information about themselves. I was so proud--Kyle wrote the answers to all of the questions with only a little help from me.
I love kid writing.
When my parents came to visit mid-August, we got to take a school shopping trip. Kyle got all decked out for school with new clothes, shoes, and a backpack.

Kyle also had his pre-Kindergarten assessment with his new teacher the week before class started. I sat at the back of the room filling out paperwork and idly listened to the conversation between Kyle and his teacher. His answers were pretty standard; there were many things he knew and many he did not. One conversation, however, had me stifling giggles because of how truly "Kyle" it was. When his teacher asked him to count as high as he could, he got to 12 and stopped. She gently asked if he knew any more, and he responded, "Well, I know a lot, but I just don't want to say them all." With some gentle coaxing, he counted to 100 before she let him stop. On the way home from the assessment I asked him if he was nervous for school. He thought about it and said, "No, I'm always excited for school." I was so happy to hear him say that--I hope he never loses that excitement for learning.

Finally, the first day of school arrived. Kyle woke up well before 6 am because he was so excited. After showering and getting ready and eating breakfast, I made him take pictures by the front door.

We all piled in the car (even Cole--he went in a little late to work so he could see Kyle off on his first day) and headed to school for the first of what will be many times. We were a little bit later than I wanted to be, and by the time I walked him over to the door his teacher had already come outside to pick up the rest of her students. I thought they were lined up just inside the door, so I sent him inside to find his teacher. He panicked a little bit once he got inside because they WEREN'T immediately visible like I thought, but once I walked him to his classroom and he knew where he was supposed to go he walked confidently into the room and didn't look back.

I wasn't a total basket case like I expected I would be. I did get a little emotional when we started walking from the car, but I held it together. :)

When I picked him up he couldn't stop talking about everything they did and the new friends he made. His first day of school was a huge success.

My mornings are definitely different without my Kyle-man, and I do miss him while he's gone. But, I'm so proud of him and how grown up he's getting. It's definitely a bittersweet thing to watch your babies grow up.

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Danielle said...

what a handsome boy in his new clothes! love hearing about his first day. ethan just had his kindergarten assessment today but they wouldn't let us sit in on it. he's doing a dual-language program so he's a bit nervous about his teacher talking to him in another language. but other than that, he seems really excited for tomorrow! :)

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