A Visit From the Tooth Fairy

At the end of July Kyle came to me with his very first loose tooth. I almost lost it right then and there, because HOW CAN MY BABY BE GROWING UP SO FAST?!? I know, I know...loose teeth are a fact of life, and I knew it was only a matter of time before he started losing his baby teeth. But, he was already starting kindergarten in less than a month, and there are only so many coming-of-age milestones this hormonal pregnant mama can take before she's reduced to a quivering mass (emphasis on the "mass" part) of ugly tears. Ergo, the almost losing it part.
One thing that Cole and I both realized is that we are both grossed out by loose teeth. Fortunately for Kyle, that meant that Cole didn't bother him too much about trying to pull it out. I love the kid, but Kyle is a world class wimp when it comes to pain or potentially scary things. I knew Cole trying to pull the tooth out would result in a lot of dramatic screaming and lifelong trauma that would take years of therapy to overcome. Of course, being who he is, Cole threatened to pull Kyle's tooth out at least once a day just to make him scream (even though this was a total empty threat)--it wouldn't be my house without Cole tormenting one or all of the boys at some point in the day.
So, we waited...
Almost a month later, I was out with my mom and my sisters for a girls' night and I got a text from Cole.
"Guess what!" it said.

After a few tears and the tiniest of tugs, Kyle's first loose tooth became his first lost tooth. He was beyond excited for the tooth fairy to come. When I got home, he had already fallen asleep, but he had very carefully constructed an envelope for his tooth so it wouldn't get lost.
I asked him the next morning why he had written his name backwards.
He shrugged and said, "Because I can."
The tooth fairy quickly worked her magic. She figured that Kyle deserved an extra special treat for his first loose tooth.

The tooth fairy told me folding dollar bills is a lot more trouble than it's worth...
especially when it's for a little boy who doesn't really care what it looks like.
She opened up Kyle's special envelope and replaced his tooth with his special gift.

The next morning Kyle came in a little bit sad. "The tooth fairy didn't come," he told me, because his special envelope was still under his pillow. I asked him if he looked inside the envelope. He perked up quite a bit when he realized that she didn't take his envelope because she filled it up with awesome stuff for him.

It was not many days later than Kyle showed us he had another loose tooth...

Incidentally, what does everyone else's tooth fairy do with the lost teeth? Ours isn't quite sure what to do with them...

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Dave and Lisa said...

Dave and I are so grossed out by them that honestly, we just throw them right in the trash. I guess we aren't a very sentimental family. =)

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