30 Weeks, and a Pregnancy Update

Well folks, we're in the homestretch. This pregnancy has honestly flown by! I can't believe we only have 10 weeks until we meet the little princess!

I've never been super big on taking belly pictures during my pregnancies, but I've consistently taken one at 30 weeks (in the same shirt, natch) for all of them. Here's a comparison of my belly at 30 weeks with all four pregnancies.

I know the angles aren't exactly the same with all of the pictures, but you get the general idea.

It would appear that I carried the first two more in my (ahem) behind and midsection. The last two pregnancies my belly was more pronounced. I REALLY feel that's the case with Miss Hallie this time. I'm not expecting this girl to be dainty either--the granddaughters in Cole's family are typically smaller than the boys, but I think Hallie will be at LEAST as big as Lucas and Matthew were. Probably not as big as Kyle though (thank goodness!).

Little Miss is quite the mover. I think I've said the same thing with each pregnancy, but it really feels like she moves way more often than her brothers. She hangs out mostly on my right side, and when I lay on my right side she goes crazy! I haven't noticed any hiccups yet, so that would be one major difference between her and her brothers--they ALWAYS had the hiccups. Kyle likes to sit and watch her move; he's not always patient or still enough to feel her, but I think he's felt a few bumps now and then. He and Lucas still love to pat my belly and talk to her. They're going to be great big brothers. Matthew, on the other hand...

So far I've been feeling pretty good. The itchiness is all but gone; it only flares up right before bed and it's not unmanageable. I've been super lucky and managed to avoid swelling and/or retaining water through the hot summer. There were a few weeks where I had pretty constant sciatic pain, but since it seems she's moved all out front there hasn't been any more pressure on my nerve and the pain is gone. I still experience some minor nausea, mostly in the morning if I get out of bed too fast. I passed my gestational diabetes test last week (which I always worry about, even though I'm probably more on the hypoglycemic side) and I'm measuring spot on for dates. Cole always jokes that I'm my doctor's most boring patient because I never have any problems, complaints, or questions. I truly am blessed to have easy, straightforward pregnancies.

So, now we're just watching and waiting. I'd love it if Little Miss decided to come early, but I'm not holding my breath on that one. I'll probably try to schedule an induction on my due date (because 11/12/13 is a super cool birth date) but I'm not counting on that either. And, honestly, it might not be so bad if she cooked a little longer. The "So You Think You Can Dance" tour is coming to the Maverik Center on 11/15 and we will most likely have tickets in Cole's work suite for that, so I guess it wouldn't be so terrible if she stuck around until after that. :)

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