Christensen Family Staycation

Cole took the first week in July off so he could have some much-needed downtime (practically running a hotel takes its toll, I guess...). We decided to plan a few fun activities for the week with the kids--a "staycation" of sorts. Unfortunately, it was too FREAKING hot to do everything we wanted to do, but I think we packed in a fair amount of activities.

Sunday evening we were dying to escape our stuffy, uncomfortable house, so we decided to head for the hills. We figured it would be marginally cooler up one of the canyons, so we took a drive. We decided to take a walk around Silver Lake, which is one of our favorite spots. I think everyone else in the valley had the same idea, though, because it was as crowded as I'd ever seen! We still managed to enjoy our walk around the lake despite the crowds, and we even got to see a doe, several families of ducks, and two big moose! The boys had a fabulous time.

After we finished our walk, we weren't quite ready to head home. Cole suggested we drive over Guardsman Pass into Park City, which I've never done. It's a pretty amazing experience.

This is the view from Guardsman Pass. You could literally drive to the edge of the cliff--Kyle was FREAKING OUT about it (granted, Cole did his part to scare him as much as possible).

We took a nice drive down into Park City, then down Parley's Canyon to the valley again. It was a refreshing way to get out of the heat and enjoy our beautiful surroundings.

Monday we decided to head into SLC and visit some of the downtown sights. We ate lunch at the Gateway food court, where the boys were all scarily well-behaved. As a reward, we let them choose a quarter machine ride (and we actually put money in it!).

They chose Bob the Builder and Rolly, naturally
As we headed to the TRAX station, we passed the Clark Planetarium. Neither Cole nor I had ever been there, so we decided to check it out. We looked at all the exhibits around the building, which the boys enjoyed primarily because there were buttons to push and things to touch. They were too riled up to entertain any scientific explanations, so we decided the planetarium was probably something to save for when they're a little older.

feeling the "clouds"

They did have fun on Mars, though
We rode the train to the Museum of Church History and Art. The big boys were only mildly interested until we headed upstairs to the childrens' exhibit. There they got to play in a kitchen (Lucas would have stayed there all day if we let him--do we have a future chef on our hands?), "fish" on Nephi's boat, build a temple in Zarahemla, and tons of other fun activities. Matthew took a quick nap in Daddy's arms, which helped improve his disposition remarkably.

After dragging the boys away from the museum we walked over to Farr's Fresh Creamery for some ice cream. YUM.

Tuesday Cole and I went to my midterm ultrasound. Baby girl was still definitely a girl, everything looked and measured perfect, and we got a lot of great pictures of her (I'll include those in a separate post). I love having ultrasounds when I can both feel and see the baby move--it's really cool.

Baby girl's face--NOT an alien.
Wednesday we decided to have a low-key day. We spent time outside in the kiddie pool and running through the sprinklers.

Matthew was not a huge fan of the pool--
he spent most of his time playing in this car

But he did give it a chance when Cole put the water table inside
Thursday we didn't really make plans. We're not big 4th of July celebrators, and Cole's parents didn't have a BBQ this year, so we teamed up with Stephanie to figure out what to do. We ended up eating our weight in fried food at Sonic (this MIGHT become a new tradition), ate ice cream at Dairy Queen, caught a bit of the parade in Sandy and perused the booths at the festival there (just so we could say we did something festive), and finished the evening with air-popped popcorn and a movie.

Naughty baby, ever true to his nickname, dumped his popcorn on the floor and stomped on it.

Friday morning Cole gave the boys summer haircuts.

Yes, Matthew's popcorn is STILL on the floor
Then,we packed a lunch and headed to the Hogle Zoo. Much to my delight, the Cache Valley Cheese Mobile was at the zoo that day so we got free grilled cheese sandwiches and string cheese. YUMMM....I love cheese.

The animals were pretty active despite the heat, so we got to see everything we wanted to see. We also discovered they completely rearranged the big cats in the Asian Highlands and acquired a leopard in the less-than two weeks since we had been there last! Lucas was so tuckered out from our busy week that he crashed in the stroller before we finished at the zoo.

We all had a blast during our staycation! I think we might try to do it every summer so we get a chance to do and see all of the fun things in our area.

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