Family Pictures, and a Much-Needed Update

So, I have a bunch of posts saved in my drafts that need to get published, but I decided it was paramount that y'all get a glimpse into what we've been up to lately. Plus, we recently got family pictures taken, and they'll provide a lovely contrast to the rather mundane textual update.

(BTW Grandma and Grandpa: I promise you'll get a new picture of my family the next time we see you...)
Cole has been busy working hard at the Embassy Suites in West Valley. In addition to doing his job as Director of Revenue Management, he’s adopted a “jack of all trades” mentality and has stepped in to help in the Front Office, Food and Beverage, IT, and Human Resources departments. He’s recently been chosen as Manager of the Quarter in recognition of all of his hard work. The best part of this job (to ME, at least) is that he comes home every day still in love with what he does.
Now that it’s getting warmer, Cole has been spending a lot more time outside fighting the eternal battle with our yard. Because of all the rain we’ve gotten, our grass is quite green…but quite inundated with weeds. Cole is whipping it into shape, however, and before long it’ll look as fantastic as it always does. He’s also been busy with some home improvement projects. He enclosed our furnace in the basement with drywall and got our swamp cooler up to scratch for the summer. And, as always, he has taken any opportunity possible to feng shui any given room in our house. 
I’m currently incubating baby #4, due 11/12/13. This has taken up much of my focus for the last few months (I’ll document this in a separate post). Because of this, I’ve taken it pretty easy and needed more down time. I’ve taken advantage of that down time by doing a little bit of crafting (which will be documented separately as well).  I’ve also been teaching piano a couple of days a week, which has been both frustrating and rewarding (depending on how much my students practice). I'm working on growing my hair out for the first time in YEARS. I think the last time it was this long I was in 7th grade. We'll see how long it lasts, though. I'm notorious for getting impatient and chopping it all off. For now, I'm experimenting with different types of braids and easy up-dos to keep it manageable through the summer.

Kyle is finishing up preschool this week, and he has had a fabulous year! It’s been amazing to see how much he’s learned and grown, and he’s looking forward to starting Kindergarten in the fall. He is constantly asking what words mean (which has really tested my vocabulary!) and sounding out any words that he sees. Apparently he’s extremely social, because the only comment we received from his preschool teacher was that he’s usually the last person to finish his work—not because he doesn’t know what he’s doing, but because he’d rather talk with his neighbors. J
Kyle absolutely loves drawing and coloring. If we gave him a ream of paper and some markers, he could stay entertained for DAYS. This is so funny to me, because before he started preschool he didn’t really show a lot of interest in drawing. Now, he loves to draw pictures of and for the people he loves most (and he always draws us in our favorite colors!) Kyle is a great helper and is always willing to run and get things for us when we ask. He loves his brothers and usually gets along pretty well with them. He’s really into Transformers these days and is really good at using his imagination to dream up fun make-believe games for himself and his brothers.
Lucas is still my ray of sunshine. However, as we grow closer to his third birthday, we’ve seen more and more tantrums (in my experience, 3 is SO much harder than 2). He’s shown absolutely no interest in potty training, so I haven’t tackled that obstacle yet. I’ve told him his deadline is his third birthday, and then we’ll hit it hard. It’ll be easier during the summer, anyway, right? He is finally talking more clearly and decisively—he can be quite bossy, in fact! It’s so much fun to hear what he has to say. He’s become quite attached to me lately, which can be frustrating and endearing at the same time. He still climbs into bed with us a couple of times a week, but it’s decreasing in frequency (which is nice—he’s a bed hog).
Lucas is also REALLY into Transformers (particularly the Rescue Bots, which is a show on Netflix) and dinosaurs. One of his favorite pastimes is running around the house roaring like a T-Rex. He also loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates. He loves to play outside at any opportunity, and his most-frequently-asked question is “We go to the playdound?” His favorite color is yellow, and when he colors that’s the only crayon he’ll use. He is a pretty solitary kid—he’d much rather play by himself than with others. He’s also very attached to his toys. He takes no fewer than 4 things to bed with him every night.
Matthew has become our little ham. He has been the LOUDEST of our children from day one, and that has not changed. He loves to YELL whenever possible. I guess it makes sense, because he does have two big brothers to keep up with. His distinguishing feature these days is his round belly. Despite starting out as a tiny guy he’s chunked up quite a bit. He started walking a week or two after we got home from Oregon and now he’s a walking pro. He also learned how to go down the stairs backwards (after taking more than a few spills), which was quite a relief to me. Along with his newfound mobility came the realization that he is probably going to be my most accident-prone child. He has more than earned his nickname “Bam-Bam.” Most recently, he thought it would be a good idea to walk around the bathtub. He slipped, of course, and his face had an unfortunate meeting with the side of the tub. The resulting black eye was quite spectacular. Fortunately, it had mostly faded by the time we got our pictures taken.
Matthew loves music. Anytime he hears anything even remotely resembling a song he immediately starts dancing. His version of dancing is a mixture of booty popping, hip shaking, and “deacon shuffling.” He also enjoys singing quietly to himself. He doesn’t really say any distinguishable words yet, but he babbles frequently, and responds when you ask him questions. He likes wearing shoes a lot; however, he has tiny, FAT feet—more so than either of his brothers at this age. For reference, the sandals that Matthew is wearing today are a pair that Kyle wore at 9 months (Matthew is 14 months old). He absolutely loves following his brothers around and is always trying to play with them (and they’re slowly getting better at including him).
And now, some gratuitous pictures.
It was seriously a miracle that we got a picture with EVERYONE smiling.

This is a true-to-life picture. Matthew can usually be
 found with food in one hand and a drink in the other.

Mesmerized by the ducks

This one was totally candid, as evidenced by
the heinous trailer in the background

See? Photographic proof that I have the handsomest boys in the world. A HUGE thank-you to our sister-in-law, Liz, for taking these fantastic pictures. She did such a great job, especially considering Lucas was being on the moody side (honestly, I'm surprised we got anything usable of him). Now, our wall will be up-to-date...until the new one comes in November.

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