Easter 2013

We spent the Saturday before Easter with Cole's parents and siblings in Sandy. Gammy traditionally puts on a big Easter egg hunt for the grandkids, and Kyle was super excited.
We all met at Gammy and Bumpy's house for a super-sized brunch: we stuffed ourselves with French toast, pancakes, breakfast casseroles, bacon, and, of course, cereal (it wouldn't be a Christensen breakfast without it!) While most of us digested, the "Easter Bunny" and his helpers (i.e. Bumpy and Cole's brothers) headed out to hide eggs.
This year, the hunt got so big it outgrew the backyard. Fortunately, they were able to reserve their stake pavilion, which has a great big lawn and plenty of space for an egg hunt. After a sufficient amount of time, the rest of us headed down to see what the Bunny left behind.

Matthew enjoyed his first real Easter egg hunt
After all the eggs were found and divided equally (Gammy is nothing if not judicious), Bumpy got us all organized for some games. The kids had an old-fashioned egg toss, the "egg on a spoon" race, a three-legged race (the adults also participated in a three-legged race, and I'm sad to say we didn't get any pictures. There was a lot more falling than racing...), and a great game of Red Rover.

Gammy and Aunt Aimee the littles in the three-legged race

Kyle and his best cousin-buddy R rocking the three-legged race

Gammy and the grandkids playing Red Rover
 I'm not sure Lucas understood Red Rover, but he was excited at all of the running. Even when it wasn't his turn, he'd take off running, make a full circle, and come back to where he started. It kept all of the adults entertained.

After all of the fun and games, we headed back to Gammy's for a little birthday party for Bumpy and one of our nephews. It was particularly special because Bumpy turned 60 this year. He requested a picture with all 13 of his grandchildren.

At least no one is crying...
Cole and I have gone back and forth about Easter gifts. I feel a little like some families are treating it like another Christmas and having the Easter Bunny bring lots of big gifts, which I think overshadows what Easter is all about (for the record, I'm not a fan of overdoing it at Christmas, either, but gifts are traditionally given for that holiday so there's a little more wiggle room there). We've had the Easter Bunny bring baskets in the past, but this year we wanted to see if it was really something our kids noticed so we didn't actually do anything. Grinchy? Maybe. But, it turns out they didn't even care. They got plenty of candy at Gammy's egg hunt, so they were satisfied. I think in the future we will get them a little something (probably a new shirt and tie for Easter Sunday and a few treats), but it's reassuring to me that they haven't got a case of the gimmies when it comes to Easter.

For Easter dinner on Sunday, we headed down to Payson to spend it with my grandparents, aunts and uncles, and some of my siblings. It was a nice, relaxing meal with family, and we had a good time.

I truly love Easter and everything it represents. I'm so grateful for the Savior and His life and example. He was willing to submit to all things from our Father, even death, so how much easier should it be for me to endure my trials, which are minuscule in comparison? I'm so grateful for His resurrection and the potential for me to be with my family forever. I'm grateful for the opportunity to teach my children of this sacred event and what it means for us. I hope they will develop an appreciation for it as I have.

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