What I Made Monday: Valentine's Day

So, I totally got bitten by the cheesy Valentine's Day bug. It's not my fault--The Wood Connection has WAY too many cute crafts! Now my house is borderline OVER-decorated, especially for a holiday I don't even really enjoy, but hey--at least it looks cute.

It's hard to see, but there are cute metal keys tied to the
front of the heart
 This is probably my favorite of my Valentine's Day projects, mostly because the color scheme and style is different than you'd expect for the holiday. Plus, it's not TOO cutesy.

Okay, this one IS cutesy. But hey, it's always nice to remind Cole that he's stuck with me FOREVER.

Cole picked this project out for me to do, so of COURSE I had to oblige.

AAAAAAND...my Valentine's Day door hanger. It's hard to see, but the X and O are sparkly. I love glitter. SO.MUCH.

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