Families Can Be Together Forever

In January we had the awesome opportunity to see Cole's older brother and his family get sealed in the Draper Temple. It was one of those moments that no one really imagined would happen (even THEY agree!), which I think made it that much sweeter when it happened. Cole had the opportunity to hold one of their sweet babies when they were being sealed, which was pretty awesome.

You know, I'm glad that Cole and I were sealed in the temple and our children have been born in the covenant, but there is something so powerful about seeing children being sealed to their parents. It makes the concept of eternal families a little more tangible to me. Either way, I'm eternally grateful for the sealing powers of the temple and the chance that I have to be with my little family forever. 

The new forever family! (PS I stole this picture from my sister-in-law.
Yes, it's a chronic illness and I'm working on it.)
Cole took this amazing picture on the day of the sealing...with his phone.
I kid you not--the day was that beautiful.

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