What I Made Monday: Snowflakes

To me, January in Utah is quite possibly the ugliest and most depressing month of the year. You're free-falling from the high of the holidays; it's freeze-your-nether-regions-off cold but it doesn't snow; what snow still lingers from December has turned rock-solid and gray; and there is a perpetual grimy haze settled over the valley (affectionately dubbed the "inversion") that makes your eyes water and your lungs burn if you're outside for more than 15 seconds. 

Obviously I can't sing the praises of January in Utah enough.

Oh wait, yes I can. In addition to the lifeless, gray outside, my house looks drab and lonely after all the Christmas decorations are taken down. I needed something to combat my January doldrums, so I made a set of snowflakes (or what snowflakes SHOULD look like in January, if the world were just). I love them and they seem to chase away my winter blues, at least for a few minutes.

You can't really tell from the picture, but this snowflake
 is all sparkly.

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