What I Made Monday: Owls

My beautiful friend, Devri recently had a sweet baby girl. I wanted to do something personal and handmade for her baby shower gift, so I asked her what her nursery "theme" was. She told me she liked owls and she told me what the nursery colors were. I wasn't really sure at first about them (I'm doubly critical about my work when I'm giving it as a gift to someone else), but I think they turned out really cute! The best part is, the paper I chose matches little Rachel's nursery really well!

Even though I stress about it more, I think I enjoy crafting for other people far more than for myself. I feel like I can convey my love for the recipient better when I take the time and effort to make something for them. Devri is one of my closest friends from my freshman year of college (incidentally, she married another of my close friends from college, which makes my visits to their house twice as fun), and even though we haven't been able to spend a lot of time together recently, I still love her with all of my heart.

(Whew! Sorry for the sappy detour there.)

1 comment:

Devri said...

*Sniff* I loved your sappy detour, and I love the owls! Whenever I see them, I smile. You're the best! And this post made my day.

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