A Trip Downtown--12/4

We took a trip to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights the first week of December. We met two of Cole's brothers and their families, and even though it was SUPER crowded, it was fun for the kids to see their cousins and to see Temple Square all lit up.

(as a disclaimer, all but the last two photos were taken by my brother-in-law and poached from his instagram feed. See? Why should I take pictures when I can "borrow" them from my awesome family?)

Kyle and his best buddy (and cousin), Riker
They had paper lanterns surrounding the Main Street plaza with Christmas
scenes and holiday greetings from around the world.

Gorgeous picture of the temple from the plaza. 

Artsy straight-up photo of the temple

The night was unseasonably warm, which was good. It's not fun hauling tired AND cold kids all over downtown SLC. In fact, it was so warm that we stopped at Farr's for some frozen yogurt! On our way back to the TRAX station, we took a peek at the candy windows at Macy's. I remember going downtown to see the candy windows at ZCMI when I was younger, so I was especially excited that this tradition was reinstated. Kyle and Lucas loved that one of them had a train, and we had to practically drag them away.

Of course, the boys loved riding the train to and from Salt Lake. Lucas loved it so much that he decided to show his appreciation in a new, strange way.

Pole dancing--too bad he didn't get any tips

Incidentally, he tends to do the same thing anytime he encounters anything resembling a pole. I'm not really sure why, but it provides us with alternating bouts of humor and embarrassment when we're in public.

Matthew was all tuckered out after the excitement, especially since we were out WAY past his (rather strict) bedtime. He crashed in the stroller and stayed asleep until we put him in the car at the end of the train ride.

It's always fun to go downtown during the holidays, and it was nice to experience it with Cole's family. We have always gone with my family in the past and it was cool to mix it up this year.

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