What I Made Monday: Christmas Tree

Last year my mom gave me a tree skirt she found on clearance, which I fell in love with at the time then forgot about as soon as my Christmas decorations were put away for the year. When I pulled my boxes out this year, however, I remembered why I loved it so much. There was just one problem...

The skirt is blue, and all of my ornaments are red and silver, and I didn't really have much of a budget to buy new decorations. Plus, I was feeling a bit grinchy at the beginning of the month and I wasn't really in the decorating groove.

So, I had to get creative. My original plan was to find blue tree lights, but I didn't find any (at the ONE store I went to--obviously it wasn't that important to me). I couldn't find any ornaments that were the right color of blue. What I did manage to find was plenty of wire edged ribbon--75 yards, to be exact. I got a HUGE roll of ribbon from Costco and a smaller roll from Walmart. I then proceeded to tie bows. Lots and lots of bows.

Sparkly ribbon from Costco

Ribbon from Walmart. It's hard to tell here, but this
ribbon is a pale blue.

I think I tied somewhere between 60 and 70 bows. It took me several hours. However, I had a stroke of genius and put twisty ties and string on the back for to attach them to the tree. That way I can re-use them next year. Also, the sparkly ribbon shed probably half of its sparkles all over me as I tied it into bows. It got so bad that I started looking around for Robin Sparkles (since I became Jessica Glitter--HIMYM, anyone?).

SOOOOO...with my overabundance of bows combined with my silver ornaments and tinsel, I had more than enough embellishment for my tree.

Finished tree

Finished tree in the light--note the tree skirt that
inspired the entire project.

I am extremely proud of how it turned out. I love that if we leave our blinds open the tiniest bit you can see our tree sparkling through our big front window. I feel festive and jolly...no more grinchy for me!

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