Thanksgiving 2012

We spent Thanksgiving with my side of the family this year. Since my parents weren't able to come from Oregon, we decided to head south to Payson for the holiday. My grandparents reserved their church building and we had a great big dinner with all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins. 

We were assigned to bring the stuffing. Cole's mom has a great recipe that she got from her mother, so we whipped up a batch large enough for 40+ people.

We covered the table with foil to simplify clean-up.

Meanwhile, the two big boys were watching the Thanksgiving Day parade and loving every minute of it. We had played Rock Band with a couple of my siblings the night before and we left the equipment out. When we came downstairs to check on the boys, this is what we saw:

We might have to form an ACTUAL rock band to keep up with those two.

After stopping for fountain drinks (a MUST for road trips, even if it's only to Payson) we headed south. Dinner was fantastic and the company was grand. Kyle and Lucas are absolutely enamored of two of my cousins, Emily and Alyssa, so they were occupied for the entire afternoon. Matthew got passed around as well, which freed me up to play a few rounds of Grump with my cousins and aunt & uncle. We had some fabulous pies (I ate pumpkin, coconut cream, and banana cream--but only slivers of each!), helped clean up, and headed home. We stopped by Cole's parents' house as well to chat for a while and ate MORE pie--Dutch Apple this time. It was quite a satisfying day.

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