Job Perks

So, Cole has the awesomest job ever. He's the Revenue Manager for a new hotel THAT ISN'T OPEN YET. Guys, this is a big deal. He was the 4th employee hired. He's in charge of training all of the new employees (and their managers) at the front desk. He gets to decide from the get-go what the rates are, what the selling strategy is, and all of that important stuff. BIG DEAL.

He's the bomb dizzle.

Also, this hotel is a big deal in West Valley. The city is trying to re-vamp its image and is pouring tons of money into revitalizing Valley Fair Mall and the areas just to the west along 3500 S. This new hotel is being built right in that area and is an integral part of the project. Because of this, the hotel has a suite at the Maverik Center and rinkside tickets at all of the Grizzlies games.


Since there are currently 5 employees of the hotel, we get to make use of these perks quite frequently. Cole and I went to see Cirque du Soleil in the suite a couple of weeks ago, which was A-MAZING. We definitely wouldn't have gotten the opportunity if it weren't for Cole's job. We've also been to a Grizzlies game in the suite, which was pretty cool. And, Monday night, Lucas and I sat rinkside with my sister, brother, and his date at the game.

Grizzlies player skating mere feet from me. FEET!

My cute date for the game

Hockey is pretty awesome anyway, but when there's less than an inch of "glass" between you and 12 burly, ultra-padded smashing machines with big wooden clubs, it's awesome and frightening. A player got smashed into the boards a few feet away from us and it STILL left us shaking and laughing uncontrollably. SO.COOL. A player got walloped and started bleeding and we could SEE THE BLOOD ON THE ICE, up close and personal. Gross, yes, but AWESOME. One downside? My toes were freezing by the end of the game.

I'm a hockey snob now. I won't be able to sit anywhere else. Now, if I could just understand all of the rules...

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