Halloween 2012

I never thought I'd say this, but I love having my kids dress up in coordinating costumes on Halloween (see here and here). Since they're still relatively young I can get away with brainwashing encouraging them to choose a specific theme. I'm enjoying it, because I'm not sure how much longer I can get away with it.

Anywho, as I was pulling out my Halloween decorations I discovered that we have a Buzz Lightyear costume that Kyle wore 3 years ago and is just about Lucas' size. My mom made it and did such a fantastic job that I decided it could--nay, definitely SHOULD--be used again. So, "Toy Story" became our theme for the year. It was easy enough to talk Kyle into being Woody. But what could Matthew be? My mother is the genius of all costume geniuses, and whipped up the cutest Rex costume for the beeb.

Kyle as Sheriff Woody
Lucas as Buzz Lightyear
Matthew as Rex the dinosaur
In case you can't see how awesome Matthew's costume is, here are a few close-ups:

Dinosaur head. I'm told my fantastic mother made this up
on the fly--no pattern whatsoever.
Dino tail
Curly dino toes (Did dinosaurs have curved toes?
Well, this one did)
We spent the evening in Sandy in our old neighborhood. There is a gentleman there who throws a huge barbecue on Halloween every year, so my sister, brother, and I took Buzz and Woody to eat dinner. Then, we met up with Cole, Matthew, and two of Cole's brothers' families to go trick-or-treating. Kyle was so excited to hang out with his best buddy Riker. We took a quick turn around the neighborhood, and the kids tired out way before the adults did (not sure how much longer that will last). We headed back to Bumpy & Gammy's to check out the spoils, and Cole and I "inspected" the boys' candy. I must have been feeling benevolent, because we actually left quite a bit of good candy for them! :)

"You've got a friend in me..."
Oh, and you see how Lucas has a gun, too? There were two in the package that came with Kyle's belt and holster, and Lucas insisted on carrying his revolver around with him everywhere.

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