Wordless Wednesday: "Percussionist Foster Grant"

(bonus points to anyone who can name that movie--it's a Kenner family favorite!)


Thanksgiving 2012

We spent Thanksgiving with my side of the family this year. Since my parents weren't able to come from Oregon, we decided to head south to Payson for the holiday. My grandparents reserved their church building and we had a great big dinner with all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins. 

We were assigned to bring the stuffing. Cole's mom has a great recipe that she got from her mother, so we whipped up a batch large enough for 40+ people.

We covered the table with foil to simplify clean-up.

Meanwhile, the two big boys were watching the Thanksgiving Day parade and loving every minute of it. We had played Rock Band with a couple of my siblings the night before and we left the equipment out. When we came downstairs to check on the boys, this is what we saw:

We might have to form an ACTUAL rock band to keep up with those two.

After stopping for fountain drinks (a MUST for road trips, even if it's only to Payson) we headed south. Dinner was fantastic and the company was grand. Kyle and Lucas are absolutely enamored of two of my cousins, Emily and Alyssa, so they were occupied for the entire afternoon. Matthew got passed around as well, which freed me up to play a few rounds of Grump with my cousins and aunt & uncle. We had some fabulous pies (I ate pumpkin, coconut cream, and banana cream--but only slivers of each!), helped clean up, and headed home. We stopped by Cole's parents' house as well to chat for a while and ate MORE pie--Dutch Apple this time. It was quite a satisfying day.


What I Made Monday: Nativity

I love Christmas, and I was really looking forward to making Christmas crafts this year. The first one I picked out was this block nativity:

I love the simplicity, because it helps me remember just how humble the circumstances of the Savior's birth were. It also reminds me that the true meaning of Christmas lies not in the decorations or the elaborate gifts or the festive parties but in the wondrous birth and life of Jesus Christ. 


Wordless Wednesday: Free Rein

Taking advantage of brothers' naptime


What I Made Monday: Thanksgiving

There's a good chance I have more Thanksgiving decorations than any other holiday--color me surprised. Fortunately, I still needed a door hanger for November, and this cute guy fit the bill perfectly.

Turkey door hanger. I still need to rig up something to hang him by.
And, back before I found out my cornucopia o' Thanksgiving decorations runneth o'er, I bought this cute block. I picked it because, unlike, most decorations for this holiday, it didn't say "give thanks." Not that there's anything wrong with that phrase, it's just...ubiquitous. I have no fewer than 3 items in my living room with that saying.



Job Perks

So, Cole has the awesomest job ever. He's the Revenue Manager for a new hotel THAT ISN'T OPEN YET. Guys, this is a big deal. He was the 4th employee hired. He's in charge of training all of the new employees (and their managers) at the front desk. He gets to decide from the get-go what the rates are, what the selling strategy is, and all of that important stuff. BIG DEAL.

He's the bomb dizzle.

Also, this hotel is a big deal in West Valley. The city is trying to re-vamp its image and is pouring tons of money into revitalizing Valley Fair Mall and the areas just to the west along 3500 S. This new hotel is being built right in that area and is an integral part of the project. Because of this, the hotel has a suite at the Maverik Center and rinkside tickets at all of the Grizzlies games.


Since there are currently 5 employees of the hotel, we get to make use of these perks quite frequently. Cole and I went to see Cirque du Soleil in the suite a couple of weeks ago, which was A-MAZING. We definitely wouldn't have gotten the opportunity if it weren't for Cole's job. We've also been to a Grizzlies game in the suite, which was pretty cool. And, Monday night, Lucas and I sat rinkside with my sister, brother, and his date at the game.

Grizzlies player skating mere feet from me. FEET!

My cute date for the game

Hockey is pretty awesome anyway, but when there's less than an inch of "glass" between you and 12 burly, ultra-padded smashing machines with big wooden clubs, it's awesome and frightening. A player got smashed into the boards a few feet away from us and it STILL left us shaking and laughing uncontrollably. SO.COOL. A player got walloped and started bleeding and we could SEE THE BLOOD ON THE ICE, up close and personal. Gross, yes, but AWESOME. One downside? My toes were freezing by the end of the game.

I'm a hockey snob now. I won't be able to sit anywhere else. Now, if I could just understand all of the rules...


Halloween 2012

I never thought I'd say this, but I love having my kids dress up in coordinating costumes on Halloween (see here and here). Since they're still relatively young I can get away with brainwashing encouraging them to choose a specific theme. I'm enjoying it, because I'm not sure how much longer I can get away with it.

Anywho, as I was pulling out my Halloween decorations I discovered that we have a Buzz Lightyear costume that Kyle wore 3 years ago and is just about Lucas' size. My mom made it and did such a fantastic job that I decided it could--nay, definitely SHOULD--be used again. So, "Toy Story" became our theme for the year. It was easy enough to talk Kyle into being Woody. But what could Matthew be? My mother is the genius of all costume geniuses, and whipped up the cutest Rex costume for the beeb.

Kyle as Sheriff Woody
Lucas as Buzz Lightyear
Matthew as Rex the dinosaur
In case you can't see how awesome Matthew's costume is, here are a few close-ups:

Dinosaur head. I'm told my fantastic mother made this up
on the fly--no pattern whatsoever.
Dino tail
Curly dino toes (Did dinosaurs have curved toes?
Well, this one did)
We spent the evening in Sandy in our old neighborhood. There is a gentleman there who throws a huge barbecue on Halloween every year, so my sister, brother, and I took Buzz and Woody to eat dinner. Then, we met up with Cole, Matthew, and two of Cole's brothers' families to go trick-or-treating. Kyle was so excited to hang out with his best buddy Riker. We took a quick turn around the neighborhood, and the kids tired out way before the adults did (not sure how much longer that will last). We headed back to Bumpy & Gammy's to check out the spoils, and Cole and I "inspected" the boys' candy. I must have been feeling benevolent, because we actually left quite a bit of good candy for them! :)

"You've got a friend in me..."
Oh, and you see how Lucas has a gun, too? There were two in the package that came with Kyle's belt and holster, and Lucas insisted on carrying his revolver around with him everywhere.


What I Made Monday: Fall Trio

Even though I don't really need any more fall decorations, I fell in love with this set and HAD to do it. Besides, it's something I can keep up from September-November, so it was a good investment. :) I seriously counted down until Sep. 1 so I could display this trio.

Maple leaf



I think this set is my favorite of everything I've made so far. It's probably because I used a variety of different decorating techniques and I feel like it shows my versatility as a crafter. I look back at some of the first things I made, and I can definitely tell that I've improved.
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