What I Made Monday: Halloween

I have a lot of Halloween decorations, but they're all kind of the same--jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, the like. I wanted something different to spice things up. These candy corn fit the bill perfectly, not only because they're distinctive but also because we can't get enough candy corn at our house this time of year.

This monster trio was too adorable to pass up. My sisters, mom, and I made these for our craft night during the Priesthood session of General Conference.

I think of this one as my "Lucas monster" because it has a rather adorable underbite, just like my Lucas. :)

I also needed a Halloween-y door hanger, so I made this witch. Cole told me "Witches don't need bows!", to which I replied, "everything is better with a bow." (am I right, fellow crafters?)

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