What I Made Monday: Birthday Countdown

So, at some point in my crafting frenzy I realized it was possible to go a bit overboard. :) I didn't want to overload my credenza-slash-bookshelf with crafts, especially since they were all similar in style. So, I streamlined my bookshelf and decided to leave only one square and the top for rotating, seasonal pieces. I had 6 other squares filled with stuff/decorations that I would keep the same throughout the year. That left one square empty, and I wasn't sure how to fill it. Fortunately, my friend Lisa blogged about a set of countdown blocks, and I thought that would make the perfect decoration for my last square. 

(P.S. Sorry the resolution of the pictures isn't so great. I'm not sure how that happened.)

The blocks--to count down to the next family birthday.

A birthday cupcake

A birthday present

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