We Bought a Zoo (Pass)

I love the Hogle Zoo. When my family lived out of state, we would almost always make time to take a trip to the zoo when we visited Utah. I know there are other zoos that are bigger and flashier, but the Hogle Zoo holds a special place in my heart. That love hasn't diminished now that I'm a "grown-up." I love to take my kids to the zoo and see them develop a love for animals.

Cole and I decided that a zoo membership was a wise investment for our family. After all, no two trips to the zoo are the same because the animals are always different. Plus, the kids are learning, we get exercise, and we get fresh air. It's only been a month and a half since we bought the membership and it's already paid for itself and then some! 

Here are some highlights from our trips to the zoo:

7-14-12 with Aunt Stephanie

8-13-12 with Uncle Nathan and Jack

8-30-12 with Brittany & Jack and Megan & Kason
Lucas' favorite animals so far are the elephants and the monkeys. Kyle's favorites are the giraffes and the polar bear. I have to admit, the polar bear is pretty awesome. You can tell she's used to spectators, because if anyone gets close to her enclosure, she starts to show off:

We're planning on renewing (and probably even upgrading) our membership next year as well. We're looking forward to many more zoo trips in the future!

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Devri said...

Yay. For the zoo. I've only been to Hoagle Zoo once, and I was a kid, and I loved it as well.

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