Throwback Thursday: Football

I don't remember being a big fan of football as a teenager. I think I went to two football games when I was in high school--the homecoming games my junior and senior years--and that was because the choirs I was in were singing at them. It just wasn't a big deal to me.

I do remember being a BYU fan. Casual, maybe, but still a fan. I probably inherited it from my dad, who graduated from BYU. I remember watching football games with my dad (who got REALLY fired up) and cheering for the Cougars because he did.

So, I started college with a love for BYU and sort of a "meh" attitude toward football. My boyfriend and I bought sports passes at the beginning of the year with his roommates, because "that's what students at BYU do." That gave us free entrance to most (if not all) BYU team sports, including all the home football games. I went to all the games that first year, more because my friends did and because I wanted my money's worth. But, somewhere in the course of that season, I fell in love with football.

During the next two years of my college life Game Day became almost sacred. There was something so special about getting all decked out in blue and filing into the stadium with all the other students. My roommates and I cheered and booed and sang the fight song, and after the games we re-lived all of the great and terrible moments.

One of my favorite games was the BYU-TCU game of 2005. My roommates and I had KILLER seats--the second row right behind the BYU bench, 40-yard line.

Me, Natalie, and Ashlee. One row of guys, and the BYU football team right in front of them. 


Our roommate, Bonnie, had a huge crush on #93, so we took pictures for her because we were so close. She was insanely jealous that she couldn't be there.
The game was intense--BYU had a commanding lead until they blew it in the 4th quarter and TCU caught up. The game ran into overtime, and BYU scored a touchdown--but blew the 2-point conversion. TCU drove it to the goal line and "scored" on a 3rd-and-1 run. The play was reviewed because the runner fumbled the ball before crossing the goal line, but the officials didn't see enough to overturn the call. TCU made their PAT, and BYU lost by one.

We yelled and booed and complained, but what was done was done. That night, the game was re-broadcast on TV and we watched it again and yelled and booed and complained at the bad call at the end. We talked about that game for the rest of the season. To this day, I maintain that ball was fumbled before the touchdown.

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