Downtown Boys

(As opposed to "Uptown Girl"...see what I did there?)

A few weeks ago we took a trip downtown with the kids. We started out at the Gateway for a quick dinner and a stroll up and down the mall. We ducked into Old Navy because I was looking for a belt (I have the pesky "none of my pants fit because they're too big problem right now). I didn't end up buying a belt (because I'm EXTREMELY cheap and practically refuse to spend money on myself...but that's a story for another time), but we did pick up a new backpack for Kyle. We didn't have time to get one before his first day of school and we promised him he could pick one out, and he found this cute one (and on a major sale too!).

He insisted on wearing his new backpack for the rest of the night
After Old Navy, we hopped on the train and rode over to City Creek Center to take a look at the Disney Store. Kyle had been DYING to see it since the last time we were there--we took too long eating dinner and it closed before we got a chance to go inside. The big boys love riding the train, especially Lucas. 

Lucas' half-hearted "Mommy Face" on the train
The boys reveled in all things Disney, and we had to drag Lucas away from the Jake & the Neverland Pirates display.

We had to top off our evening with a treat, and we decided to try Farr's Fresh Ice Cream because we'd never been there before. It was a FANTASTIC choice. Kyle chose chocolate ice cream with mini M&Ms, Cole got Cake Batter ice cream with brownie bits and cookie dough, and I got this:
Honey flavored Greek yogurt with mangoes and coconut. It tasted like a tropical vacation.

While we were finishing up our treats, Cole kept the boys entertained with the $3 car we bought at Old Navy.

We took a stroll through Main Street Plaza and Temple Square to let our ice cream digest (or walk off the calories, either way). Cole showed the boys the place where we got engaged, and Kyle told us he wanted to get married in the Salt Lake Temple like Mommy & Daddy did (guess we're doing something right there...). It was the perfect end to a fun evening.

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