Friday Letters

Dear Blog-Land,
Howdy! Remember me? No?

The Absentee Blogger

Dear Lucas,
I'm really really sorry I just dumped you in time-out. But, in my defense, I can only take so much screaming, frustrated crying, and responses of "No Way!" On second thought, maybe I'm not so sorry...

Much love,

P.S. I love you despite your terrible twos showing all.the.time lately!

Dear Laptop,
I'm really sorry for all of the abuse you've endured over the last few months. You think we'd learn not to leave you where the boys can reach you, especially since missing keys make it hard to type effectively--particularly when one of those keys is the "enter" key. Also, I never realized how many words contain the letter "u". I'll never take it for granted again.

Apologetically (to you and to myself),
Your Owner

Dear Kyle,
I can't believe how big you're getting! We get to go to your preschool orientation next week, and I'm so glad you're excited to go to school. I'm not sure what my days will be like without you, though. I'm so proud of you!


Dear Summer,
It's been real, but I'm glad you're drawing to a close. It's not personal or anything...actually, it IS personal. There were FAR too many 90+ degree days this year for my taste, and I'm a much bigger fan of Fall anyway. So, good-bye (and *ahem* good riddance) until next year.

Not Fondly,
This Autumn-ophile

Dear Bumblebee,
I'm really sorry that we're horrible pet owners. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I'm pretty sure we have the worst luck ever with animals. I hope your new place of residence has lots of grass to munch and room to roam. Rest in peace.

Your Guilt-Ridden Former Owner

Dear Matthew,
You're FIVE months old! When did this happen?!? You're still on the high-maintenance end some days, and even though it makes my life a bit difficult, I actually appreciate that you make me slow down and snuggle you so much. I know how fast you'll grow up, so I need to savor the baby times. Now, if we could only get you to pack on the pounds--you're still such a tiny guy! Maybe when you start solids next month...


P.S. Thanks for peeing on my lap just now. Guess you need a diaper change more than I thought...

Dear Beverly Hills Nannies,
I hate how addicted I have become to you. I spend far too much time yelling at the moms on-screen who are SAHMs to ONE infant and still need a nanny because their lives are just so difficult. Barf. Not to mention the fact that your monthly spending money most likely exceeds my husband's annual salary. I guess I'll never understand...

A Poor SAHM to Three Active Boys

Dear Body,
I'm more grateful for you every day. I can feel us getting stronger and healthier, and I love the way I feel. I promise to never abuse you the way I did before. Let's keep this up, shall we?


Dear Cole
I still think you are the bomb dot com.


Dear Suits,
You are, by far, my favorite show on TV right now. Too bad I have to wait until January To see more episodes (Boo!)

A HUGE fan

P.S. Don't be surprised (or offended) if I fall in love with a different show while you're on hiatus (HIMYM, anyone?). I'll be back, I promise!
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