Summer Time Hikes

Utah in the spring/summertime can be so beautiful, especially in the canyons. We decided we wanted to take advantage of that fact and go on one hike every week. Here are some pictures of our favorites.

Donut Falls:

The boys LOVED being outdoors! They ran full-tilt up the trail.

Sitting on a rock above the falls

The fam just before the falls

Snowbird Barrier-Free Trail:

We saw several moose on this hike. They were all within 50 feet of the trail!

"A very cute moose...make all the boy moose go 'whaaaaa'..." :)

The overlook at the end of the trail. I'm not sure what Kyle's problem was...

There were some BIG rocks at the overlook. Kyle loved climbing all over them.

Kyle apparently drank too much water on the hike... :)


tgood said...

Ha ha! I died laughing at Kyle. Blackmail in the future with that picture!

Devri said...

Love the Moose comment. Hee hee! Looks like fun. We need to get together soon.

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