The End of June

For Lucas' birthday (June 23) we went to see Madagascar 3. The boys were really good, and they absolutely loved it! We had a little birthday party for Cole's family on Saturday the 24th. I made dinosaur cupcakes because one of Lucas' favorite things is dinosaurs right now.

These aren't my cupcakes. Mine were WAY cooler, but I forgot to take a picture because I'm a dork.
Lucas also loves to play in the water and be outside, so we got what we think is the perfect present for him:

The boys LOVE to play with the water table, and they only spend about 30% of the time crying because they get each other wet.

On June 29, my extended family got together in Payson for a waterslide party. It was a ridiculous amount of fun. I don't have any pictures, HHHOBVIOUSLY because we were all too busy sliding to take any. Lucas really liked it, as long as I went down with him (he wouldn't even go with Cole--it had to be me). He would always protest a little at the top, but he always ended up laughing at the bottom. Kyle clung to Cole like a monkey whenever he went, and he FREAKED if he thought Cole was going to put him down. Lucas is by far the braver of the two.

June 30 was Cole's and my 6th anniversary. Since we went all out for our anniversary last year and Matthew is still on the little side, we opted for simple this time around: dinner from Burger King (their new summer menu is to DIE FOR) after the boys went to bed and cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth Fairy.

I couldn't pick just one kind!
We split the 4 cupcakes (Cookies & Cream, Raspberry Cheesecake, Creme Brulee, and Root Beer Float) so we could have a taste of each. It was a nice, quiet way to celebrate.


Matthew's Blessing Weekend

We blessed Matthew the first weekend in June. We were lucky enough to have my parents come to town for the weekend, so we packed it full of fun activities!

Thursday evening we surprised Grandma and Papa by being at the airport with signs and a banner. They were pretty tickled to see all of the grandsons there unexpectedly. Cole was SUPER embarrassed by us and our signs, though (he's a super party pooper).

Friday we took a trip to the zoo!

The grandsons in their matching shirts
It was a little on the crowded side because it happened to be the first day of the new exhibit, Rocky Shores. We had a yummy picnic lunch, watched the bird show, and saw lots of animals! We didn't get to see the polar bear (much to Kyle's dismay)--she had gotten overexcited from all of the publicity of the day and the zookeepers pulled her out of the exhibit to give her a break.

Friday evening the girls got together and had our craft night. It was fun to have Mom there to join us!

On Saturday, we had the opportunity to attend our niece Ana's baptism. She looked so beautiful in her dress! It was so exciting to see her take such an important step.

Our family with the special girl
Our evening was spent cleaning and prepping for the big gathering scheduled for the next day.

Sunday morning we got up and threw ourselves together, and, for once, nothing went wrong! We made it to church 15 minutes early (which NEVER happens, ever) so we had time to relax and save seats for our family. Matthew wore the same blessing suit as his brothers, but because he's on the tiny side it looked like it was drowning him!

Cole gave him a beautiful blessing, and I surprised Cole by getting up to bear my testimony (he had been ribbing me to do it, and he thought I was just taking Matthew out to feed him). After Sacrament Meeting, we headed back to our house for lunch. We had quite a spread, and we were blessed to be surrounded by lots of our family.

4 Generations

Grandma and Matthew
We also had a little birthday party for Lucas while my parents were in town, and they gave him what is now one of his favorite toys:

He LOVES to mow the lawn!

The whole weekend was a tiring whirlwind, but it was so much fun.


Summer Time Hikes

Utah in the spring/summertime can be so beautiful, especially in the canyons. We decided we wanted to take advantage of that fact and go on one hike every week. Here are some pictures of our favorites.

Donut Falls:

The boys LOVED being outdoors! They ran full-tilt up the trail.

Sitting on a rock above the falls

The fam just before the falls

Snowbird Barrier-Free Trail:

We saw several moose on this hike. They were all within 50 feet of the trail!

"A very cute moose...make all the boy moose go 'whaaaaa'..." :)

The overlook at the end of the trail. I'm not sure what Kyle's problem was...

There were some BIG rocks at the overlook. Kyle loved climbing all over them.

Kyle apparently drank too much water on the hike... :)
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