Matthew's Nursery

I finally put the finishing touches on Matthew's room last weekend (just in time for his blessing--a post on that later). I have to say, it ended up being different than I originally imagined, but I absolutely love how it looks! The combination of tan and green is really soothing, which is good since I spend (what seems like) most of my life in that room. Here's a few pictures:

The stripe and Matthew's name above the crib

Window valance and wall hangings

The closet--we took the doors off, which created a little nook for the changing table

Circles project I adapted from here

The corner in which I spend the majority of my life
My amazing sister-in-law Brittany made the name circles that are above the crib, and my wonderful mom made the quilt that's on the rocking chair--which matches the room perfectly even though she had no idea what the colors were going to be beyond "green and tan." The table was an extra one we had taking up space, and Cole had the brilliant idea to paint it green and put it in the nursery.

I'm so happy that we were able to create a new and individual space for Matthew. I've been so concerned (probably overly so) that he'll feel less important or special because he's our third boy, and it makes me feel better to know that even if he has to live in mostly hand-me-downs for his entire life, at least everything in his room was chosen especially and primarily for him. 

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