Friday Letters

Dear Grandma & Papa,
Thank you so much for coming to visit last weekend! It was so nice to have you here for Matthew's blessing, and we had fun going to the zoo with you. We only wish you could have stayed a little longer, because the time went by way too fast.

We love you!
Cole, Jessica, and the boys

Dear Summer Television,
Thanks so much for being chock-full of quality (read: trashy) reality programming. We now have roughly 10 guilty pleasure shows to watch. So much for spending more time outside.

A Couple of Reality TV Freaks

Dear Kyle and Lucas,
The last couple of days have been so wonderful with you guys. I'm not going to say you have been perfect (because we've still had some fighting and tantrum-throwing), but overall, it's days like these that make me so happy to be able to stay at home with you.


Dear Matthew,
You're still my teeny little guy, but you're getting bigger every day. I think we've finally conquered the "I cry unless I'm being held by Mommy" hurtle, because you've had several moments every day where you can sit contentedly in your swing or bouncer so I can do things with BOTH hands. You've also started to create your own little routine, which is a totally new concept for me--your brothers just adapted themselves to my routine. I'm glad you like to be outside, because I'm trying to get your brothers out there at least once a day so they can burn off some energy. Now, if I could just get you to sleep past 6 am...


Dear Auntie Brittany,
Thank you so much for trying to stay busy and trying to include us in some of your adventures. It gets us out of the house, and it allows our boys to play together. It makes me so happy to see Jack, Kyle, and Lucas giggling and crawling around together, because my cousins were some of my best friends growing up and I want my boys to have that same thing. Also, thanks for being my "getting fit" buddy. It's so nice to have someone to share both my successes and failures with.

Love you!

P.S. Let's plan another trip to Seven Peaks soon!

Dear Josh Weed,
You don't know me, but your post here touched me and inspired me. I have deep respect and admiration for your strength, your desire to do what is right, and your courage to share your experiences. I have a new desire to make my marriage stronger and better thanks to your example.

With Admiration,
A Fan of Your Blog Before, but ESPECIALLY Now

(If you have a moment, PLEASE click on the link above and read his post. It is extremely powerful.)

Dear Bertinator,
Thank you for posting quick and easy workouts online! I've been having some trouble finding time to exercise each day, and your YouTube channel is the perfect solution!

One Who is Trying to Get Fit

Dear Cole,
Do you remember the conversation we had that night at Sundance when we were engaged? The one where we marveled at how saying "I love you" tries and fails to encompass so many different feelings, but there's just no other way to put those feelings into words? Well....


Even saying it 5 times doesn't do the trick.

Love forever,


Emily said...

I really like your "letters" posts. That will be so fun for your boys to read when they are older!

that's what she said...

Always fun to catch up with what you guys are up to-sounds pretty darn similar to us, lol.

btw, do you know Josh?

Jessica said...

Danielle: I don't know him...I started reading his blog because you linked to it from yours. I'm glad I did, too, because his last post touched me so profoundly.

Brittany (B) Michelle Kenner said...

Your very nice Jessica! I had so much fun tonight on our hike! I thought I was going to DIE going up that hill though! It's nice having a buddy to keep you on track working out and I LOVE how much our boys get along and getting outside is just the best thing in the world right now! I love your family SO much!

Love, Auntie B!

that's what she said...

oh, that's right. i thought maybe you'd known him when he lived in utah before he moved here. and yes, i completely agree!

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