What I Made Monday: Flip-Flops

This is a much-belated post. At our May craft night, the ladies and I chose an adorable flip-flop door hanger as our project. It's always so fun, because even though we all start with the same basic materials, our finished products are as different and individualized as we are:

All our different (but cute) flip-flops

I had a hard time deciding how I wanted to decorate my flip-flops. Should I do them springtimey? Girly? More manly, since that would better represent the demographics of my house? In the end, I decided craft night is for ME, so I chose my favorite colors and paper:

My finished door hanger

I braided three different ribbons to make the hanging strap, and I really like the way it turned out.

Close-up of the sparkly "straps"

Close-up of my fancy ribbon bow

The finished product hanging on my door!
It feels so awesome to slowly but surely decorate my little house!


Melinda said...

Super cute!

Giulia said...

I LOVE this door hanger! Where did you get it from?

Dave and Lisa said...

I love it! I didn't get to see it completely finished when I had to take off. I love the ribbons you chose. I love Craft Night. =)

Jessica said...

Giulia--I got it from a place in UT called The Wood Connection. It's quite possibly one of the greatest places on earth. :)

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