What I Made Monday: Home, Pt. 1

So, my sisters and I all decided recently that we wanted to be more crafty and decorate our homes more cute-ly. We made a plan to have a craft night once a month to meet these goals and chose The Wood Connection to be our primary project source. We met last Friday for our first craft night.

I chose a pretty large-scale project for my first time. They had the letters for the word "HOME" with different shapes for the "O" for every month of the year. You buy the "O" shapes 4 months at a time. So, this project worked not only for this craft night but for two more in the coming months. Score!

Here's how mine turned out: (sorry for the poor picture quality--I used our video camera to take these still photos)





I really like how they turned out! This was a great project for us to start with, because we were all kind of doing the same thing, but we were able to add our own individual flair . 3 other people in the group chose the same project but all of our finished products look so different!


Ferne-Clan said...

Very nice! As I told Brittany may need to drive up and play one of these days.

Brittany (B) Michelle Kenner said...

I love your watermelon and star the best!

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