Friday Letters

Dear Matt Bomer,
You are spectacular. Watching you on Glee last week was like Christmas coming early. The only downside? Now I spend all of my time watching White Collar instead of cleaning my house.

A Huge Fan with a REALLY Messy House

Dear House,
Why can't you stay clean for longer than five minutes? Wait--I can think of three reasons: Cole, Kyle, and Lucas. I think I might just give up.

The Mom on a Cleaning Strike

Dear Blog Readers,
Ya know how I have the cutest boys in the world? Well, we entered two of them in a contest. Feel free to help us win by going to http://www.971zht.com/pages/babyidol12/ and voting for either #251 or #252 (you can only vote once per e-mail address, so if you have more than one, go hog-wild).

A Mom Who REALLY Wants to Win the Outdoor Playset So Her Boys Can Spend More Time Outside

Dear GM of the SLC Hilton Airport,
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for taking a chance on my husband and giving him that HUGE promotion. It's everything that he's worked for for almost 6 years and it is a huge boost to his confidence. I know he'll be a great asset to your organization.

The Wife of Your New Director of Revenue Management

Dear Jessica from 8 hours ago,
Remember how you let Kyle and Lucas go downstairs unsupervised because you were so exhausted this morning? That 45 minutes of extra sleep was DEFINITELY not worth the time you spent vacuuming up an entire bag of cereal from their playroom floor.

Present-day Jessica

Dear Maker of Little Boys' Jeans (any and all),
You should consider double-reinforcing the knees of all the pairs of jeans you sell. I'm tired of Kyle getting holes in his jeans roughly 6.4 seconds after putting them on for the first time. Of course, maybe that's your diabolical strategy to keep me spending money on your clothes. Well, the joke's on you--I have no qualms letting him run around in his underwear. So there.

A Thrifty Mom Who Has Three Boys to Keep in Jeans (Ugh...I just got sick thinking about that)

Dear Cole,
You are a super star. I can't tell you enough how proud I am of you for all that you do for our family. It's because of your hard work that I can stay home with our little monsters every day, and that means the world to me. I love you.

Your Wife

Dear 3 AM,
You and I have become pretty good friends of late. I have to say, you are growing on me. There's something to be said about the stillness and quiet that comes when the entire house is asleep and I can get uninterrupted quality time with the babe. Now, if only you wouldn't come so fast every night...

This Nursing Mama

Dear Time,
STOP GOING BY SO QUICKLY! My baby is 1 month old tomorrow and I can't even believe it. Before too much longer, I'll be sending out missionaries, and I am NOT ready for that yet.



What I Made Monday: Home, Pt. 1

So, my sisters and I all decided recently that we wanted to be more crafty and decorate our homes more cute-ly. We made a plan to have a craft night once a month to meet these goals and chose The Wood Connection to be our primary project source. We met last Friday for our first craft night.

I chose a pretty large-scale project for my first time. They had the letters for the word "HOME" with different shapes for the "O" for every month of the year. You buy the "O" shapes 4 months at a time. So, this project worked not only for this craft night but for two more in the coming months. Score!

Here's how mine turned out: (sorry for the poor picture quality--I used our video camera to take these still photos)





I really like how they turned out! This was a great project for us to start with, because we were all kind of doing the same thing, but we were able to add our own individual flair . 3 other people in the group chose the same project but all of our finished products look so different!


Matthew's Newborn Photos

A few days after Matthew was born we were lucky enough to have our family friend take some newborn photos of the little man. Here are some of my favorites:

Here's the link to the rest of the photos:


Friday Letters

Dear Blog-Land,
I'm like the worst girlfriend ever. I don't call, I don't write, I don't come around...I understand if you want to break up.

Your guilt-ridden friend

Dear Danielle,
I've been meaning to respond to your comment about how life is with three boys. I think it's safe to assume that my lack of response can sort of serve AS a response, in this instance (or, in other words, it's busy--so busy I don't have time to do much else). But don't worry--it's also full of awesome, I promise.


P.S. Haven't you had that baby yet? (I'm sure this is one of your favorite sayings right now)
P.P.S. I super love that it says "that's what she said" when you comment. I know it's been this way forever, but still...love it.

Dear Kyle-man,
Thank you for being such a good helper. I can't even count the number of times that I ask you to "go get this" or "go find that" or "help Lucas with this." I love that you love Matthew so much, even if I do have to tell you to get out of his face eleventy billion times a day. Also, thank you for telling me at least once a day that I don't have a fat belly anymore. It does wonders for my vanity.


Dear Lukie,
When did you stop being my baby?!?! It seems like you aged a TON since we brought Matthew home. It makes me happy that (for the most part) you're not jealous of Matthew and that he's the only person that you will actually give a kiss to. Now if we could only work on your 2 AM bed-crashing...


Dear Matthew,
I can't believe it's been three weeks already! You're such a sweet little man. Even though it costs me valuable sleep time, I love rocking you in the early morning, when everything is quiet and you're content and milk-drunk. I love that you recognize my voice and calm down when you hear me talk to you. And, even though it keeps me from getting things done during the day, I love that you want to be held all.the.time. Thank you for making me feel like the most important person in your world.


Dear Moby wrap,
Thank you for being so awesome. My baby loves you, and it's because of you that my house isn't a total and complete disaster.

A faithful user of you

Dear Utah Weather,
Thank you for being remarkably agreeable for this time of year. It's made my life so much easier to be able to take the boys outside and keep the stir-crazy at bay.

A mom of two active, rambunctious boys and one boychild who needs Vitamin D

Dear Spider that just crawled across my desk,
You should have stayed outside. As soon as you enter my house, your life is forfeit.

The squisher of you

Dear smart phone,
Your internet surfing capabilities have saved my life. I spend approximately 95% of my time sitting and feeding a baby these days, and you help me pass the time.

The milk machine

Dearest Husband,
I love you. I know you've been on "big boy duty" a lot these days because Matthew wants to eat 24/7, and I know they can get rambunctious and frustrating, but I know that they love spending time with you more than practically anything. Thank you for being a hands-on daddy. Also, thank you for still thinking I'm attractive when my wardrobe consists mainly of cookie pants and baggy shirts, I smell like sour milk, and I go days without brushing my hair.

Love always,
Your wife

Dear Universe,
Having three kids is easier than I thought it would be. Don't get me wrong--it's still hard. We still have a lot to learn. However, it's also exponentially more rewarding than I expected, especially when I see how much my boys all love each other.

A happy mom of 3

P.S. We're not going to be ready for #4 anytime soon, so don't get any crazy ideas.

My three boys having morning snuggles
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