Matthew Tanner Christensen

So for blogger land, here we go!

Matthew Tanner Christensen was born today March 21, 2012. Let me give the stats and a quick overview of how it played out. Stay tuned for Jessica's more in depth.

Time of Birth: 4:41pm
Weight: 8lbs. 3oz.
Height: 20.5 inches

So, we got to the hospital at 9am for our scheduled induction. Water was broken at 10:15 and we expected to wait a while for anything to happen. Jessica started having contractions before the started the pitocin. She progressed pretty steadily until about 2:30pm when the contractions picked up until 3:30pm when she was ready to push. The nurse came in and agreed and called Jessica's doctor. He was already arriving at the hospital for another patient that was ready tp push as well, who happened to be right across the hallway from us. He checked Jessica and said that he was going to deliver the other baby and be right back to deliver ours. So, he did, Jessica did amazing, but was done and wanted to push. He came back in still covered from the last birth 5 seconds before. had Jessica push 3 times and Matthew was here. He then ran out to finish up with the other baby then returned back to us. The delivery nurse had to do the same, she left Matthew on Jessica's chest for 30 minutes while she went and did all of the stats for the other baby, then came back and did Matthew. They never took the baby out of eye sight and were just amazing. We then were moved to our room less than an hour after the birth.

All in all a great experience, amazing doctor, nurses, Momma Kenner and no complications. So start to finish, 6 hours 30 minutes. Jessica said it was a ton faster but harder then Lucas.

Baby is great, and Jessica is even better. No stitches or anything, recovery should be quick!


Melinda said...

Congrats!! Thanks for posting it here for those us of non-facebookers. I am glad everything went well.

Mrs. Jaybird said...

So glad things went well. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story! Congratulations again!

Devri said...

Congrats!!! And nice job on the kitchen (I finally caught up on your blog.) And I loved your letters. You are awesome!!!

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