Friday Letters

Dear Blog-Land,
I'm sorry I've been an absentee blogger of late. Unfortunately, it won't get a lot better, since my next 2 weeks are chock-full of busy-ness. However, all the excitement should give me lots of material for blogs once everything is over and done with. But, I make no guarantees.

Much love,
The most boring person on the internet right now

Dear KitchenAid,
Thank you thank you THANK YOU for making my life so much easier. I can't believe I let myself think you were too bulky to be functional. I'll never break up with you again, as long as you keep making my rolls and cookies full of awesome.

An ardent admirer of your greatness

Dear Lucas-man,
You are such a super trooper! I can't believe how happy you've been the last few days, despite having croup AND bronchitis at the same time. Also, thank you for all of the snuggles and loves you've given me. You're one of the best cuddlers I know.


Dear Dr. So-and-So,
Thank you for being an awesome pediatrician. Also, thank you for not judging me when I bring my sick child in and you tell me that he's EXTREMELY sick and I didn't even know it. Oh, and thanks for diagnosing my sinus infection even though you're not my doctor--I promise I'm taking care of that.

A tired mom who only SEEMS clueless (I promise)

P.S. I'm sorry my kid cries every time he looks at you. It's not personal, really.

Dear Kyle,
I can't believe how grown up you're getting! I love how helpful you are--thanks for grabbing a diaper for me when I asked you to and not even talking back. Any more time wasted and Lucas would have peed on me. Also, I love how great you are at telling stories. You definitely keep us entertained. It's enough to overlook the times when you tell me, "Daddy's going to KILL you!" or "You're really bugging me right now!"


Dear Utah Weather,
I hate you.

Someone who gets a sinus infection every time the weather abruptly changes...which is at least once a week in Utah

Dear Daylight Savings Time,
Even though I enjoy having one more hour of daylight, you couldn't have come at a more inconvenient time. Losing an hour of sleep when I have ward council at 7:30 AM is not what I call ideal. You should think about that next time.

A less-than-eager "Spring Forward" follower

Dear Cole,
Thank you for being bossy this week. I know I tend to overdo it and these next two weeks are going to be killer, so thank you for reminding me to slow down and take care of myself first before I worry about everything else. Also, thank you for making me take medicine for my sinus infection. I feel a million times better today. Mostly, thanks for being exactly who I need you to be, even if I don't always know who that is. I love you.

Your sick-but-getting-better wife

Dear bloated, swollen, pregnant, exhausted body,
We only have two and a half weeks left. We can do this. Please don't give up on me now.


Dear Primary,
I sure wish you could run yourself right now. I think my counselors and I need a break.

Your overwhelmed and not-so-fearless leader

Dear baby-in-my-belly Matthew,
I'm glad you're such a good mover, but could you PLEASE stop abusing my internal organs? I'm not sure they can take much more abuse. Plus, I'm kind of tired of almost peeing my pants. Also, if you could hurry up and make your appearance it would be much appreciated. I don't think I've ever been more anxious to meet someone than I am to meet you.

Your mommy, who loves you so much even though she hasn't met you yet

P.S. If you're going to choose to come early, could you not choose next Thursday? It would be a little embarrassing to have my water break during Uncle Nathan's wedding or reception.

Dear God,
Even though you keep throwing me curveballs at the most inopportune times, I'm pretty certain there's no one who is more blessed than I am. Thanks for giving me those reminders when I need them.



Mrs. Jaybird said...

Oh, Jessica, I hope he waits until after your brother's wedding to come. I hope you can enjoy that day. You'll be done soon. Good luck with everything :)

Brittany said...

Such a sweet post :)

<3 B

The Bradys said...

Cutest idea ever. Love the letters...I just might have to copy this idea one of these days:). Good luck with the last week of this pregnancy!

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