Kitchen Makeover

So because Jessica is close to the end of her pregnancy she will most likely be taking a break from blogging. But, I have agreed to help out and keep up the blog. I promise, no boring posts about jobs or rants about family members, and no I will not be blogging about breast feeding or pregnancy. No, I have a couple in mind starting with this one on our kitchen remodel plus I will blog about Jessica's brothers wedding in 3 weeks and then, baby Matthew's arrival shortly after that. We also have my birthday and Jessica's, so that should keep us busy and updated. Jessica might want to throw a couple in as we go along.

So Jessica and I (mostly I) decided when we moved into this house that we wanted to remodel and make it better than it was.

This is our kitchen around the time we moved in. We didn't have a problem with the small size, but the cupboards and our awesome oven look like the 1950's. Funny cause that is exactly what they are from. Original cupboards and oven! It grew on us a little, but one day we thought of painting the cupboards. So we did.

It was a refreshing change to the kitchen, but white cabinets with two kids, not so good. They always looked dirty and the painting job was kind of bad. But it grew on us and we made plans to replace the hardware. After a couple of months the stove gave out on us, more likely it started on fire!

So we replaced the oven with a sweet new good looking one. Then a month ago I painted one cabinet black and we arrived at the descision to go black. Here is the final product after two weeks of the kitchen being in pieces.

Yeah, I think Jessica was pretty happy with the finished project. Check out the awesome oven! We replaced the handles and the hinges and have a sleek new looking kitchen for less than a $100! Here is the original, after and finished project.

Which one do you like the most? (Take the survey to the right)
Next remodel project is touching up the paint and a nursery remodel for Matthew!


Mrs. Jaybird said...

Oh, wow! The dark cabinets are a HUGE improvement! They look VERY nice. And you can think I'm crazy, but I really like the 50's style setup. It's retro and fun and original. I really like that wall oven, too--if you ever get around to replacing it with a newer one, that would be awesome, too. SUCH a fun kitchen! Thanks for sharing pictures!

Mrs. Jaybird said...

Oh--nevermind. You did replace the oven. SO nice!

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