Wedding Bells are in the Air!

My little brother, Nathan and his fiance, Kari
These two crazy lovebirds are getting married soon...March 15, to be exact.

I've been helping them plan their wedding, because neither Kari's mother nor our mother currently live in Utah (which is where the event will be taking place), and my mother has asked me to step in and provide a little guidance (or, at the very least, a little more organization).

Anyway, this post is not actually about them...even though they're the ones getting married. It's actually about me, because I am awesome. :) 

Kari is from Idaho, so after they have their wedding and reception here in Utah, they are heading up north to have another reception in her hometown. She decided that she wanted to use artificial flowers for her wedding so they look good at both receptions and will travel well between them. We were lucky enough to find pretty much all of the flowers that she wants and needs on Saturday, and for a steal of a deal. Because I'm overbearing and typically have nothing else important to do (besides clean my house, and, really, who wants to do that?) I sat and arranged her bouquet and the throwing bouquets for her receptions yesterday. I'm extremely pleased with the way they turned out, especially since I've never really arranged flowers before.

I also sat and arranged the decorations for their refreshment table and one of the table centerpieces.

One of the table centerpieces. Kari absolutely loves Jones Soda and wanted to use the bottles for her centerpieces.

The decorations for the food table
Everything is coming together quite nicely. My lovely, talented sister-in-law Brittany is making the bows for the bouquets and for the food table decorations, lest you think that I've completely taken over and intend to do it all myself.

Seriously though, I've kind of taken over. I'm grateful that Kari doesn't slap me and tell me to mind my own business (I told he she could if I ever got too overbearing or obnoxious. So far, so good, though). She's totally awesome for letting me hone my creative decorating skills at her expense.


kennerfam said...

Everything looks BEAUTIFUL! you are awesome! I feel like the lame duck here in Eugene - but I will come through with something creative - like something pretty for you to wear!

I love you

Brittany said...

Everything looks awesome!! Our turnout saturday couldn't have gone better! The bouquet is beautiful! you got the ribbon perfect! I LOOOOVE the rocks in the centerpiece's. I love how everything matches SO well! Momma kenner...can you make me something pretty to wear toooo?? Love you!

Kari World Conqueror said...

If it weren't for you, there would be no wedding planning going on! I'm so grateful for all the help of my fabulous future sisters. I don't think I could ever be bothered! Love you!

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