Returned with Honor

On December 7, we began our holiday celebrations a little early. My younger brother, Nathan, returned home from serving in the Sierra Leone Freetown mission!
We were quite the spectacle at the airport. My mom and sister made several (read: a bajillion) signs for us all to hold--much to Cole's chagrin. My mom had balloons in the colors of the Sierra Leone and the US flags. Plus, with 7 adults and 3 boys under the age of 5, we really were a spectacle without all of the extra paraphernalia. Apparently we were too much for one lady, who spent quite a lot of time muttering angrily into her cell phone and glaring in our direction. :)

Anyway, I was a little bit worried about how Kyle was going to react to seeing Nathan again. They were pretty close before Nathan left, but two years is a long time for a little kid (especially since Nathan was gone literally half of Kyle's life!). I needn't have worried...

Don't mistake the limp arms for apprehension...he was just trying to keep hold of his sign
As soon as Kyle saw Nathan get off the escalators he ran straight for him and gave him a big hug! He spent the rest of the day glued to Nathan's side.

After we had our loud, obnoxious reunion in the airport and picked up Nathan's bags, we draped him in a heavy coat (he was FREEZING--guess it's quite an adjustment going from 70+ degree humid Africa to dead-of-winter-dry-freeze Utah) and headed home. We spent the afternoon listening to him tell stories and jokes in his accented English, playing games, and just enjoying being one step closer to having our whole family together again.

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