A New Year, A New Blog (Commitment)

Ok, so I've been a royally terrible blogger as of late. I apologize, especially since I get so annoyed when other people neglect their blogs (since the only way I experience real life in any form is vicariously through others) and I've been the biggest offender.
Typically, I'm not really big on making New Years' resolutions. To me, it's cheesy, and trite, and insincere, and I pride myself on not being any of those three things (ha!). However, my parents just moved to Oregon for the next 3-5 years (I laugh because this sounds more like a prison term than a countdown to retirement), and I promised my mom that I would update the blog so she knows what her most cutest grandsons are up to (note: they are usually up to trouble, no-good-niks, and various other hijinks). So, to keep me out of trouble, I hereby promise to blog at least once a week (even though it MIGHT just kill me). I make no guarantees on the quality of the post or the cuteness of the subjects, so call that a disclaimer.

In addition, since a blog is not a blog without a picture (and I also promised my mother to document our lives through photographs since she won't be here to witness them firsthand) , I hereby commit to take at least ONE semi-decent picture (most likely of the chilluns) and post it along with my obligatory weekly post. Again, I make no guarantees on, well, anything.

You guys, I'm seriously getting a stomachache thinking about all this commitment. I better not resolve to make my life better in any other way, because it might just kill me.

(Although, I probably should resolve to limit my parenthetical interjections to 1 or 2 per post--this one has 9, including one in the title. Yikes.)

Also, there are update posts on our holiday festivities forthcoming.


Brittany said...

I love how you basically battles with yourself in your writing, it's pretty much hilarious!

that's what she said...

haha...good for you! i have a huge old christmas blog i need to write but i'm seriously dragging my feet on it. deadline, this week. sometime. lol.

and the birth thing...wouldn't that be fun? pretty sure you couldn't get me in a vehicle for more than an hour when i'm 36 weeks pregnant though, lol (let alone an airplane). I'm sure you'll get lots of great photos though-I can't believe we're actually starting to get semi-close...I'm not ready yet for 3 kids!!! ;)

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