30 Down, 10 to Go

Well, I'm 3/4 of the way finished with what seems like the fastest pregnancy ever. I'm starting to panic a little bit, because if the next 10 weeks go by as quickly as the last 10 weeks, I'm going to have a new baby before I know it. Plus, I feel SUPER un-ready right now to be a mother of 3, especially on days like today when I take the other two to the grocery store by myself and I'm ready to tear my hair out after 15 minutes (but that's another story).

Anyway, I took a belly picture with my other two pregnancies at 30 weeks, so I kept with tradition and snapped a photo this morning. Here it is, along with my other two for comparison:
30 weeks with Kyle

30 weeks with Lucas

30 weeks with Lucas
It's so weird to me how different I've looked with each pregnancy. With this one, I think it looks like I have a basketball stuck under my shirt--my belly looks distinctly more spherical than with the other two.

I've now gone to two-week appointments with my doctor, and at my appointment last week I was checked over initially by a student doctor (my doctor ran out to deliver a baby). She joked a little bit about how inexperienced she was while she was measuring my fundus (FYI, my doctor never "measures"--he's been practicing so long that he just palpates and can tell if it's within a normal range), and then she said something really strange:

Student Doc: "Have you been feeling the baby move?"
Me: "Um, yeah...all the time."
Student Doc: "Well, that's the most important thing."

Ok, she said this WHILE she was feeling my belly, so I'm thinking, "What's that supposed to mean? Am I measuring too big? Too small? Is there a problem? Should I be freaing out right now?"

It's a good thing my doctor came back in time for the tail end of my appointment, because he measured my fundus himself and reassured me that everything was fine...minus the fact that I'm measuring possibly as much as 3 weeks early. Um, what?  The doctor didn't seem concerned at all; he just speculated that this baby (and I quote) "probably will be the kid who has to stand in the back row for his class pictures."

And yeah, I know that fundal height isn't an exact science and doesn't necessarily mean that this baby is coming early...but, what if he comes early? My brother is getting married two weeks before I'm due, and I'm absolutely terrified that I'll either go into labor on his wedding day or just before his wedding day so I have to miss his wedding. Plus, this is like the only time in the history of the world that a woman isn't hoping for her baby to come early, so I just know he's going to be a stinker and throw a wrench in the works.  But, I guess I should just relax and breathe, because my track record speaks for itself: my babies stick until I force them to come.

I'm still trying to decide about when a good day for an induction would be, by the way. But, that's a post for another day...

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Mrs. Jaybird said...

Ha! I was PRAYING for Ellie to come AFTER her due date so I could finish school! She was due November 23rd and school would end on December 4th. I finished all my finals the DAY BEFORE SHE WAS BORN on December 1st. Thank heaven!

My SIL is having their 3rd baby and they didn't find out she was pregnant until 16 weeks . . . and her baby's due in 3 weeks. She tells me how fast it's gone by--understandable. Ellie's went by super fast because I was absorbed in classes.

Can't wait to meet him!

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