Texas Trip Part 1

So, I have been trying to get this blog post up for quite sometime now but have failed multiple times. I even had it completely done at work, and forgot to save it when I closed my computer. My trip to Texas was a cross country drive with my brother. We took this trip to move him to Ft. Worth Texas where his wife already was for 2 or so months. *****UPDATE***** (He is already moving across country again for Medical School, So I should have another blog like this next year.

So, it starts a bunch of months ago when Adam said that he was going to drive from Utah to Texas by himself at the beginning of August. This was cool for two reasons, the first being that I think it would be awesome to drive across country either by myself or with my family, just enjoying the outdoors and sights. Second, the thought of moving to a new state away from my extended family being completely on my own with my own little family is super appealing and Adam is the first of possibly many of my brothers to do this. So, I offered to go with him and fly home. At first Adam wondered if I could make it financially like he always does, but I reassured him and he agreed.

My main reason for doing this was because I wanted the opportunity to spend some time just with my brother. I have always gotten along best with Adam, ever since I left on my mission he has been more grown up, bigger, better and more focused on what he wants in life. So for me it has been hard to have a strong relationship with him as we really are not at the same place in life. But that being said we have always found time to talk even though it is usually while we are in the bathroom and we usually leave really awkward voicemails. From way back when we shared bunk beds together and had the worlds messiest rooms, (trust me, ask Adam about a hanger and TV instance). We have always been close. Now we don't really have a super close weird brotherly love, but we know that we love each other and I myself would do almost anything for him. We have had our rough patches, and one monster fight caused by me, but we always get through it and forgive and forget.

So, the day for the trip arrived, we met at our parents house were he had been living for awhile. We started packing his car, and for those who don't know what his car looks like, here it is.

This is not actually his but dang close

We stuffed most of Adam's junk and my backpack and cooler into his car and said goodbye to my family and to Mom.

Mom and her boys

The two of us climbed into the yellow banana of a car and headed towards Grandpa Buddies house in St. George. We stopped at a couple of places for some more goodbye's and some gas and goodies, but made it to Gramps' place by nightfall. After some great rounds of cards with Gramps and Grandma, we crashed for the night. After some great sleep and some breakfast we were off to Texas. Well for us we headed to Arizona and took a little side trip to Lake Powell. If you know the Christensen's you know that Lake Powell is a coveted place. So of course Adam and myself pulled up to the lake, stripped down and jumped in (with swim trunks of course). We took some pictures and sent them to all of our brothers and parents. They were all incredibly jealous. We then continued on to Flagstaff Arizona for a quick stop and then headed towards Texas. This was the longest part for the drive as it was mostly at night, but so worth it. We drove through Arizona then I drove through New Mexico, then we continued through Texas to our final destination of Ft. Worth Texas. We got to there place right after Joan had left for work, so we both crashed hard. When Joan got home form work we started our adventures in Texas.

Adam riding the wildlife at our first stop

This is Adam's car stuffed full

Adam at Lake Powell wondering if it is deep enough to jump in
Well, you only live once!
Censored to protect the innocent and those with weak constitutions


Lake Powell
Lake Powell
Well that is it for part one, tomorrow it will be part two. Plus, we have a bunch of blogs coming up including our new van, Halloween, first snow and mch more.  

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Adam said...

Yesss!!! Haha, all very accurate. I likey this post. My favorite parts were cannonballing into Lake Powell (mooning the dude who happened to be pulling into the parking lot when i was changing hahaha, poor guy), falling off the bear statue, oh and the perfume dude in NM who looked like he wanted to kidnap me???, being afraid that if we broke down in Navajo country we would never make it out alive, spooning at grandpa's....wait, what??? that came later, and many more memories that I will comment on in "Part 2".

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