Texas Trip 2

I had to add some additions from my previous Part 1!
So Adam brought up some points that I had forgotten. First, was when I took that picture of Adam riding the bear, it was the second picture, as Adam ended up jumping on the first time and totally missing and falling off. Then there is the spooning at Grandpas house, although it never happened as Adam smelled horrible, so I decided to sleep on the couch. Third was driving through Navajo country which was a long part of the trip and worrying about breaking down. I was picturing us getting out of the car to see what was wrong with the car and having the part stripped down immediately. Lastly, was when we stopped for dinner in New Mexico, and as we were coming out to get in the car this guy drives up and starts talking to Adam. I didn't want to talk to them so I just went over to the car. Adam felt that as his wing man I abandoned him, but in fact I was in a strategic place if in fact they did attempt to kidnap. Turns out, they were just pimps trying to make a living in this tough economy selling perfume. The problem with this was that Adam really did stink the rest of the trip as he had tried some of the perfume. Didn't your mother ever tell you not to talk to strangers?

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Before going into detail about my amazing time in Texas, I have to discuss a disputed animal fact from our trip. While taking this trip I really wanted to see an Armadillo, I mean come on it's Texas I should see an Armadillo. I did not even see a dead one on the side of the highway like Adam said I would. The debate comes in on what sound an Armadillo makes. Adam and myself came to an agreement that is sounds like this:


Joan on the other hand thinks an Armadillo sounds like a baby dinosaur......... I don't know!

Here is what an Armadillo really sounds like and some various pictures of what they look like as I did not have the privilege of seeing one for myself.

They are so cute all rolled up

Wish I could have seen one

I was even promised a dead one, but no go

Tribute to an old favorite show

In addition, did you know Armadillos have milk? You can milk anything with nipples, here is the proof:

This is real armadillo milk

Texas is where we really started having fun. We went to this place called "What a Burger" but Texans call it "Water Burger" at least that is what it sounds like. It was really good, and not badly priced. Adam and Joan then took me around town showing me the different sites. We got to see the historic stock yards, and got to walk around downtown Ft. Worth. They know the way to my heart and took me into every hotel in downtown Ft. Worth, it was awesome. We even went through some of the shops and I got some souvenirs for the boys. We then decided to head back to there place and rest for awhile before heading to the rodeo. Well, we got home and we all crashed and by the time we woke up it was late. So, we stayed in, Joan made an awesome dinner and they taught me a new game called Cribbage, The thing is, I kicked their trash! The next day it rained for the first time in like 40 days in Texas, and we headed to Six Flags Hurricane Bay. It was the perfect day to go, and we had a blast. The main reason why they wanted me to come with them to Six Flags was the fact that they could go faster on some of the rides due to my weight. So, we flew on some of the rides especially the Tornado where I screamed like a little girl all three times we did it. Adam also dragged me up to the big drop ones where I freaked out a ton, I have never done anything like it so I was proud of myself. We had so much fun, we spent all day in the park, from opening to closing only stopping once to experience authentic Texas BBQ, which is fabulous.

This is the Tornado, super fun

The big drop one, I may have peed myself

This one is called the banana

We ended the day by driving by the most beautiful stadium in the world, I wanted to stop and lick it!

We stopped for some dinner and then headed home, where we all crashed for the night.

I had the opportunity to video chat with my family through out the entire trip which was great but probably super annoying for my hosts. This was the first time that Jessica and I had been apart in five years of marriage, and the longest time away from my boys. I was not home sick or anything, I just missed them a ton. I am also not one to complain or intrude on someone else, and I hope that didn't convert to me looking like I was bored. I wanted to be a guest in there home and let them do there thing. They probably got very sick of me saying that I could fly home at anytime. I was so happy to be there with them, but would understand if they wanted me to leave.

All in all the traveling was great, I had so much fun being on my own, flying back to my family, but bitter sweet as I had a great trip with Adam and Joan. Thank you guys for everything from the bottom of my heart, and good luck in Texas. Adam, you still owe me one Armadillo.

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